Top 10 Beautiful Succulents 

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1. Sticks on Fire

Euphorbia family plant Euphorbia tirucalli's popular botanical name is Pencil Cactus, the sap of which is toxic. For the most vivid color, grow the plant in part to full sun.

2. California Sunset

Graptosedum  California Sunset Color  Pink has a pink-olive color to this succulent. To accentuate the colors to its greatest extent, put it in a sunny spot.

3. Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Botanical Name Opuntia (Santa Rita) Color.  Violet, pink-red. This upright succulent plant has very attractive fleshy pads. This architectural plant grows best in hot

4. Blue Glow “Agave”

Agave attenuata x Agave ocahui. Blue in color. It is a cross between Agave Attenuata and Agave Ocahui. It may grow up to 2 feet tall and wide.


5. Campfire Plant

Crassula carpelloides is also known as Campfire Plant. It needs plenty of sunlight exposure and must be kept in cool temperatures.

6. Echeveria ‘Wine Red’

Echeveria agavoides cv. Wine Red. Color  Bright Red. Not just the tips, but the whole plant can veer from vibrant red to burgundy. 

7. Paddle Plant

Kalanchoe luciae is the botanical name for the paddle plant. Its color is pink to reddish pink when grown in full sunlight and subjected to stress.

8. Red Aloe

Copper RedThe remarkable copper-red color of this plant's leaves is one of the most remarkable attributes of the year's dry season in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

10. Golden Barrel Cactus

Echinocactus grusonii is covered in golden spines that look like string from afar. It is an awesome choice to add to your succulent collection.

11. Purple Beauty

Sempervivum tectorum var. Purple Beauty is responsible for the decorative coloration. Greatly adapted to withstand frost in cold regions.

12. Baby’s Necklace

Crassula Baby S Necklace Color Rose Blush Not only the shape, but the name itself is unique, with red-edged leaves stacked like beads on a baby s necklace.

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