Types of succulent plants for the garden you own!

Improve your indoor and outdoor with Succulents.

succulent plants

Types of succulent plants

Admirers of succulents know how helpful these plants are when it comes to building some healthy surroundings around your living area.

They refine the environment of your habitat, purify the air by removing toxins from it, and add some fresh load of oxygen in our breathing environment.

They brighten the aura of our habitat, relax our mood, decorate the surroundings, and provide some remedial benefits also. Known for the low maintenance and long natural life, these plants are suitable for the people who spend most of their time in office, who can’t give time to their plants, or those who don’t have the craving to take care of their plants. But at the end of the day, when they come back home, they have the blissful wish to be welcomed by a sacred and relaxing atmosphere.

The specialty of succulents is that they gel with some other plants also, provide arrangements to the garden space and create a palette of captivating colors in your home. Maybe this is why succulents have acquired a unique space in the gardens of our homes and offices.

The increasing popularity of succulents has helped them to become a well-known member of the decoration at weddings and parties too.   

Succulent Plants

Succulents can be classified based on multiple criteria; here we are considering the one that is one of the most crucial from a gardener’s perspective, what type to have in an indoor or outdoor garden.

They have a lot of varieties, some of which are suitable for indoor atmosphere because of their low light and less humid requirements. On the other hand, succulents in outdoor gardens need bright sunlight and a more watery atmosphere.

Based on that, for informative purposes, we have divided the succulents’ varieties into two vital types: indoor and outdoor, and here we will brief the popular variations of the same.

1. Indoor Succulents plants

A succulent which is apt to grow at room temperatures falls under this category, where the atmosphere is little dry, sunlight is limited, and plants are a standalone decorative item. And also where the requirement and facility of watering is minimum, basically you can say the guest rooms, bedrooms, office cabins, etc. These are some of the popular types that attract the eyes of people for decorating the indoor space.

Indoor succulents
  • Burro’s Tail

Popularly known as ‘donkey tail’, this plant is easy to care for species of succulents, which makes them an easily found variety in households. It just needs a well-drained container and room atmosphere for growing and soon tail shaped stems will be hanging out of the edges. 

  • Jade Plant

Jade Plant

A small sized plant with a thick trunk and oval-shaped shiny, fleshy leaves add greenery to your room’s landscape. In some varieties of this species, the thick leaves developed red color at the tip, and a perfectly matured plant ornaments up with star-shaped white and pink flowers.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

A household plant with green-gray colored thick, pointed leaves known for its medicinal benefits makes it one of the most liked succulent type for decorating the room. From a small cut to a burn, aloe vera is a great herbal medicine to have at home. Juice of this plant is a vital constituent of multiple products like cosmetics, ointments, drinks, etc., and the effortlessly available tutorials help the regular people to use its remedial benefits on their own. 

  • Panda Plant

Panda Plant

It’s a long type indoor type, with the soft leaves giving the velvety appearance. Its small and fuzzy leaves have helped them earn a place in the rooms of numerous homes. The brownish-red spots on the edge of its leaves will add charm to your space, peeking from small containers or hanging pots.   

  • Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

White striped leaves pointing out to the sky, this plant has tiny roots, and that makes it suitable for small-sized pots in our homes. They are very graceful looking flora, with a slow growth but an unusual appearance. Leaves of zebra plat usually grow up to five to six inches, making them the beautiful decors to have in our bedrooms and offices.   

  • Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

This succulent type requires medium sunlight, and that is why it is preferred to be kept near a window where it can get enough sunlight for a few hours. This flowery succulent type is blessed with bright colors and can withstand the drier atmospheres, and requires less watering.

2. Outdoor Succulents

Some succulents can’t grow properly in an indoor setting because of their size and requirements like bright sunlight and water. Moreover, they are more preferred for outdoor gardens as they add proper formation and composition to it and also go well with other plants, and add vividness to it. Here the efforts are to outline some trendy succulents for the outdoor gardens.

  • Stonecrop

They are of mainly two varieties tall sedums and creepy sedums; tall sedums grow to have a massive stem length between one to three feet, while creepy sedums spread along the ground, and earn a place in rock gardens, etc. The bright colored tubular leaves of this succulent type attract a person’s attention in a moment with their unusualness and verve, and they can decorate your garden with the range of colors the different varieties of this succulent type have.

  • Plush plant

Plush plant

The succulent best grown in partial shade is a shimmery addition to one’s outdoor garden. This beautiful succulent covered with fine white hairs can be grown in the ground or containers as per content. 

  • Hens and chicks

Hens and chicks

This cabbage or lotus flower resembling succulent has a special place in the heart of succulent lovers. They propagate very fast, and that gives them the ability to exist for a long time with the help of multiple offspring. There is a range of colors you can select within the varieties of this succulent to decorate your garden. 

  • Whale’s Tongue Agave

Tall leaved succulents that resemble the whale’s tongue, hence this famous name, they assume large size, which makes them the best choice to have in outdoor gardens. Light green, flat and broad leaves of this plant spread marvelously at the height regions, but with adequate knowledge and care, they surely will enhance the beauty of your garden. 

  • Pig’s Ear

Pig’s Ear Succulent

Resembling a pig’s ear due to meaty oval leaves with the reddish color on its edges, it can attain a height of around four feet in your outdoor garden. This succulent requires a lot of space to bloom, but to the fact that they need less water, they are suitable for the drier atmospheres and certainly for those who lack the instinct for gardening.  

  • Ball Cactus

Ball Cactus

Large round globes sitting in your outdoor gardens are a treat to watch, although covered with spikes giving the message to stay away; this succulent adds the arid aura into your garden. These succulents are great to have on the terrace or garden of your home in a container or ground. 

Apart from the above, numerous types of succulents have the caliber to enhance your garden exquisiteness to the maximum. The long list of succulents is enough to end all the excuses of a person not to have them in their garden. Along with that, contrary to other plants, they need lesser care and could bear the drier environment better. And with a little care of these plants, they can become a long time natural friend of a person.