Baby Succulents are Perfect House Decoration

Baby Succulents – The Cutest Plants for that Perfect House Decoration

There are times when we realize we need a few things. But when we get them, we just cannot remember a time without them. For some people out there, baby succulents might be their partner or pet, but for some they are a craze. Once you get up close and personal with these tiny indoor plants, you will soon develop a never-ending obsession toward them.

Baby Succulents

Your most cherished succulents are doing exceptionally well that they have decided to make some babies. We would like to express our gratitude to you as you have mastered the art of caring. Proper watering, giving fine soil, getting them an adequate amount of sunlight and abundant amounts of neglect; everything succulent plants crave for. After that, they should commence propagating in 3 weeks. Don’t consider watering them until their roots are visible.

You will begin to notice this new growth usually when these plants are in their active propagating phase. For most of them, the phase will be in the summer and spring months. However, a handful of them will happen in the fall and winter seasons.

In general, buds and offsets will occur at the same time. In order to ensure this proper growth, it is important to know when and where to look. Also, you must know about their tendency to produce baby succulents. You need to be patient enough so you know what you should do next.

When Do Succulents Produce Offsets?

Baby Succulents

As mentioned before, the majority of succulent offsets will come in existence in the months of spring and summer. Succulents like Graptoveria, Haworthia, Sempervivum, and Echeveria will produce new plants if they are thriving well.

Aeoniums will create a multitude of offsets in the fall and winter months. If you start perceiving new blossoms, know that there is a great chance offshoots or offsets are likely to come. However, these plants will keep you guessing, so avoid expecting buds to happen first.

Odds are offsets can come before blooms. Moreover, just because a plant comes into flower does not signify it will produce babies.

Where Do Succulents Produce Offsets?


The majority of succulent offsets, with the exception of Sempervivums, will be found near the base of the soil at the plant’s bottom. They come right off the stem, and there may possibly be one, two, or even three offsets (if you are fortunate enough to witness their growth).

You will not have a hard time when it comes to identifying Sempervivums. They will not move away from the mother plant. In fact, they’re attached by a stolon – a stem that feeds the offshoots all it needs to cultivate. Normally, there will be 2 to 8 new babies that develop around the mother Sempervivum.

What are the 5 Easy Steps to Look after Your Baby Succulents?

Here is a list of 5 easy steps that you must take into consideration when it comes to taking care of baby succulents:

1. Make Sure You Water Them At Regular Intervals, But Not Daily

One of the best things about succulent plants is that it can easily store water in its body; thus, you do not need to water them constantly. Watering them once a week is a good idea. Or, water these plants until the soil is dry. Baby succulents with large volume and dense leaves need less water compared to the ones with slimmer leaves.

2. Find the Right Temperature and Light

Sunlight – whether direct or indirect – is very crucial to keep your succulent plants in good condition. Don’t you forget to place succulents as closely as possible to a window getting bright sunlight, if you are willing to keep them indoors?

Placing them in an air-conditioned room is a great idea as they can easily bloom at the right temperature. Apart from being low maintenance plants, succulents are resilient to changing temperatures as long as space is properly lit. If you are wondering what kinds of baby succulents are suitable for indoors and outdoors, succulents like purple Pink Leaf and Fred Ives should be kept indoors. On the other hand, Lace Aloes and green Haworthias are suitable for outdoors.

3. Protect them From Harsh Elements

If you choose to keep succulents outdoors, they may possibly be exposed to harsh weather conditions like too much sun or rain. This can prove extremely hazardous for your plants. So, you need to consider the humidity of the air and rain when keeping them outdoors. Ensure that you keep baby succulents in enclosed patios during the wet season when days are saturated.

4. Know the Right Way to Cultivate

Breathing space is crucial for a healthy living plant. Babies will grow out from the mother plant and plucking them out will help the preserved succulent.

5. Be Careful When Transferring

When you are looking to put the succulent plant in another container, you must not only be gentle but cautious with it. Consider wrapping a newspaper belt around the baby succulents to avoid causing harm to it. Also, wear hand gloves when handling thorny succulents.

Baby succulents look extremely cute to be real, but you can always plant them in your house and watch them bloom. You can purchase a pack of 12 baby succulents online for a reasonable price. Once bought, you will receive mini multi-coloured succulents. After you receive the delivery of baby succulents, make sure you plant them in dry soil.

Do You Know that Baby Succulents are Good for Your Health and Soul?

Baby Succulents

If you have baby succulents at your home, they will make you feel happier and healthier. Plants have a positive impact on your health because all it takes is one look to make you feel on cloud nine. Here’s why you should find a space for baby succulents at home:

  • They cleanse the air
  • Give a boost to your productivity
  • Will make you feel good
  • They don’t require maintenance
  • Come with healing powers
  • Are simply lovable

The most persuasive reason to get a succulent is that it is adorable. There are numerous kinds of succulents that are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In fact, you will instantly fall in love with them, and they will add to the beauty and charm of your home.

Wrapping Up

Baby succulents have been everywhere and most of them embellish office desks. They are usually drought-tolerant plants that have dense leaves where they stock up moisture. These plants can endure dry conditions, albeit they need water, especially during the cultivating season. They can harmonize with your home décor making your home look appealing.