Best flowering succulents to decorate your garden

The world of flowering succulents 

flowering succulents

Flowering succulents bring the attractiveness of a usual flowering plant in your garden but with the minimum hassles of taking regular care.

who wouldn’t love waking up to the beauty of a blooming paradise, and what if that beauty that can ornament your abode with minimum efforts.

They have got their charm, from distinct fragrances to eye-catching colors. They add a rainbow of vividness in your garden. Succulents belong to a drier climate. And, this is why they need bright sunlight for jutting out their bright colored gorgeous flowers.

There are varieties of blooming succulents available, that require much lesser look after. You can have an added decoration of colorful at your home in every spring season. Here is the list of the top 10 most beautiful flowering succulents.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus- Popular flowering succulents
Christmas Cactus

This cacti species decorates your home with colorful flowers in the days of winter when light is dull days are not that bright. Beautiful purple, red, pink, yellow flowers at the tips of these flowering succulents will make your room lively.

With low light requirements, this a perfect decorative plant for the indoors; you only need to choose favorable soil for planting, which can retain a bit more moisture than required by other succulent types and also need soil variety that resists soil compaction. And, soon this plant will thrive into your home environment and add an extra attraction to your Christmas and winter celebrations.

Pincushion Cactus

Pincushion Cactus care

This spiky variety of succulents blooms every year in spring, with magnificent pink flowers ornamenting your indoors; this plant has got the much charm needed to brighten up your home environment.

It’s pretty easy to grow these flowering succulents, as it is a drought-tolerant plant and needs little water. But, even if you place it indoors, it needs at least 4 hours of sunlight. You need to take a little care during the blooming season about watering and nourishment of plants. Some fertilizers are available in the market for them.

Aloe Genus

Aloe Genus Care- Popular flowering succulents

Succulent variety to enhance your home environment not only with its pleasant presence but also because of the easy to care feature. It is a must-have plant to for our indoors. With some regular care, these flowering succulents will ornament your home with some adorable bunches of orange flowers.

It dislikes cold season, that’s why it is preferred to grow indoors but requires bright sunlight for a few hours a day. Aloe plants are famous for the gel found in their leaves. It is used in various cosmetic and wellness products, and also for many medicinal purposes. It does take some space, so make sure you have made some in your home in a well-drained container.

Jade Plant

jade plant bonsai
Young Jade houseplant

Due to the height of 3-4 feet that it attains at the time of maturity, this succulent variety is primarily for outdoor gardens. But, if you can make some space inside your home and are ready to do little care. These plants can bloom with their star-shaped flowers with a palette from white to pink. They add an unavoidable charm in your monotonous life. Flowers of this plant mostly bloom in winter or early spring, and their colorful presence in your home adds extra warmth in the atmosphere (jade plant flowers, jade plant care).

Orchid Cactus

Orchid Cactus Care

Sharp-edged broad stems of these flowering succulents can grow to a mid-size height. And, at the end of it, a flower blooms most of the times its color is pink. But, it can be white, yellow, red, or multicolored depending on the variety you are having in your hanging pots.

Petal of the flowers with a little stick in between mesmerizes the on-lookers. This easy to care succulent does not need to trim regularly; you can do that after the flowering time. The average size of this plant makes it suitable for the indoors and can fit in regular pots at homes.

Rock Purslane

Rock Purslane care- Popular flowering succulents

A native to Chile, these flowering succulents bloom in late spring or sometimes in summer. Magenta to purple flower variety shoots above the dense foliage on a tall stem and has got a sweet fragrance.

However, the flowers of this plant are very short-lived, mostly for a day, but in the blooming season, they get replaced by a new one regularly. This plant belongs to warm regions and, therefore, can survive in less water and minimal care. The fact its flowers attract insects, and the thick foliage of it needs ground to spread, it is suitable for outdoor gardens.


Kalanchoe Care- Popular flowering succulents

A very famous flowering succulents that are easy to grow and does not need much care. In springtime, it produces small multicolored flowers with shades of yellow, red, pink, and orange on the top of large, glossy foliage.

Also known as Florist Kalanchoe or Flaming Katy, this succulent variety blooms in the abundance of sunlight. This variety can re-flower with little care, like the old dried flowers need to be removed, also limited watering and fertilizing needs to be done for six-eight weeks before it re-flowers. You can place it outside the window for proper sunlight, and take it away inside when it’s dark kalanchoe care.

Echeveria Afterglow

Echeveria Afterglow

Echeveria afterglow is a famous succulent type with varieties that produce vibrant flowers with different color shades. It comes up with a flower spike with multiple flowery branches and can bloom with lovely flowers of pink, yellow, or orange color in different varieties.

Leaves of this plant are also attractive with their pink shade on the outer edges. This plant needs proper sunlight for blooming in the lack of it leaves and stem of the plant turn pale and disfigured because of which this plant is suitable for outdoor gardens.

Echeveria Afterglow care

Also, like few other succulents, types stem of afterglow retain water, so water it after checking whether the soil is dry to prevent it from rotting. But, with some proper care, your garden will be decorated with vibrant colors of Echeveria afterglow flowers.

Desert Rose Plant

desert rose plant

Also known as ‘Adenium Obesum,’ these premium looking flowering succulents bloom with a shade of red, white, and pink. This variety belongs to Africa and the Mediterranean climate, and therefore the flowers on it come in warmer seasons like spring or summer.

This plant requires full sunlight of around six hours daily for proper growth. It stores water in its swollen trunk, unlike some other plants, which stock in leaves, roots, etc. As this plant acquires a height of six-ten feet at maturity, the desert rose bonsai variety of this plant is chose for indoor planting in containers or pots. It requires minimal care for growth, but ornaments your garden with mesmerizing beauty.

Ice Plant

ice plant flower

A lot of flowering varieties come under this succulent type, and with each, the color of the flowers they come up with changes. As the name suggests, this plant loves cold weather; its blue-green leaves are thick and have a spoon-shaped layout.

The foliage of it spreads on the ground, and on top of it, bright and colorful flower petals open up in sunlight. Depending on the variety of it you have in your garden, you can have décor of red, pink, orange, white, magenta, pink, and cream-colored blossoms.

The flowers of these flowering succulents are two-three cm in diameter and can cover the whole plant in blooming season. This plant stores water in their reddish tinged leaves, which shimmers due to stored water when the sunlight falls on them.

Above succulent types decorate your garden to the maximum, a lot of other varieties also have found their place in the popular flowering types. With a little care, you can have a colorful bouquet of sweet-smelling blossoms in your garden, coming to that, some questions hover around in a gardener’s mind.

What fuels flowering succulents?

Succulents do need some care when it comes to blooming, a bit of watering, right temperature, enough sunlight, and nourishment. Some succulents love sunlight a lot. If you growing them indoors, they need to be put near the window in the daytime and could be taken back after the evening. Along with that, you can spray a mix of organic herbicides, water, and alcohol to keep them away from insects and to give them the extra nourishment.

When to remove dead flowers from succulents?

It’s said best to remove dead flowers from a succulent before the blooming season or after they are over with blooming. As, it provides energy to flowering succulents to grow and shave a formidable shape.


Colorful blossoms in a garden attract everyone’s attention, and by bringing these useful flowering succulents in your home, you can also have some. Succulents are making a place in every gardener’s heart, and one of the reasons behind it is their vibrant charisma.