Clear Succulents to decorate Your Home

Clear Succulents Decoration

Are you looking transform your regular apartment into a tropical paradise? Or, is a bohemian garden is what you have in mind? No matter the reason, look no further than clear succulents. Its gleaming, crystal-like leaves can make you ponder that you are looking at a Photo shopped picture. But have you ever had a close encounter with a clear succulent?

Originally named ‘Haworthia Cooperi’, clear succulents appear like a crystal. There are plenty of Haworthia, but each of them is known by its visible leaves. Most importantly, some of these plants can appear peculiar bath beads from the early 90s while others can bear a resemblance to crystal geodes. Haworthia apparently has flabby leaves, which remain in extremely small sizes.

The Haworthia can be found in huge numbers exclusively in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. But, they can also be seen in the Southern area of the United States. One of the best things about them is that they appreciate mild weather and can survive efficiently with less watering.

Why Should You Choose Clear Succulents?

Clear Succulents

However, these clear succulents tend to cultivate outwards in a strikingly appealing rosette shape and can propagate up to just two inches tall. They are deemed indisputably the best for your window ledge as well as desks. These succulents grow a long floral stalk and it is captivating to some extent.

If you are a frequent traveller, you won’t have to worry about your plant as it is 100% safe and healthy. Moreover, you will not have to think about hiring a plant sitter. That’s because they can revitalize with some sunlight if you happen to water them unintentionally.

There is no denying the fact that clear succulents are intriguing things that seem peculiar in every sense of the word. Evidently, they do not move or speak, but they do add to the beauty and charm of a home that is hard to replicate. Even a small plant has a way of brightening up and reviving an otherwise lifeless home. It is true that not each of us is good at or has the skills in keeping the plants alive.

As mentioned above, Haworthia is a species of succulent that differentiates from others with its round, transparent leaves. You can find the leaves of this plant in a myriad of colours and varieties, but all of them share their transparent appearance. A lot of individuals out there compare the bizarre leaves of this plant to that of crystals. However, these stunningly beautiful and weird succulent plants can stand out in a room making it look appealing.

How Tall Can Translucent Succulents Grow?

Clear Succulents

On average, translucent succulent (or Haworthia) can grow up to two inches tall, albeit they do not grow straight up. Instead, their leaves propagate up and out in a rosette pattern. And this makes them the most ideal candidate for an amazing planter in your home. If truth be told, these plants are truly resilient and don’t call for much watering. If you happen to inadvertently overwater them, make sure they are left in a well-illuminated place where they can get proper sunlight. As long as the damage is not great, these clear succulent plants have a great chance to revitalize on their own.

The world is literally laden with distinct plants. And Mother Nature has always astonished us in some way or the other. If you are prone to killing plants, a clear succulent might be the type for you. Also, they grow a long floral stalk. These clear succulents thrive well in warm, damp weather. You can easily find translucent succulent plants on online nurseries. Beware of purchasing phony seeds. If these succulents caught your fancy, you might express your interest in beautiful rose and blush pink succulents.

What is so Unique About Clear Succulents?

Clear Succulents

While the succulents are known for having leaves with a shape like hearts, dolphins, and cartoon bunnies, the clear succulents (Haworthia Cooperi) is extensively known for being the most bizarre variety of plants. If you are having a fondness for plants, then these clear succulents are a must-have in your home.

You can easily notice the transparency when the sun is shimmering on the small bulbous leaves. The sunlight makes the top of these plants almost vanish, leaving only the base of the blue-green leaves visible. All that’s left is a gleaming, jewel-like effect from the tip of these incredibly beautiful plants.

How Should You Care For Clear Succulents?

The clear succulents blooms in bright, indirect light, average dampness, and loamy soil. Make sure you water this succulent from time to time when the soil dries. The Haworthia Cooperi cultivates in temperatures between 68°F and 90°F (20°C – 32°C). It should be fertilized twice a year in various seasons: spring and fall.

The Haworthia Cooperi, at first glance, does not seem authentic at all. This uncommon succulent has soft and plump leaves, and you can see through them at the tips. These plants take time when it comes to growing, so you may not be able to observe much growth. They, however, need three vital things to grow, such as light, warmth, and occasional watering.

Some common names for the Haworthia Cooperi:

  • Window Haworthia
  • Pussy Foot
  • Cooper’s Haworthia
  • Cushion Aloe
  • Star Window Plant

Haworthia Cooperi is a species of succulent in the family ‘Asphodelaceae’. One can easily identify this type of clear succulents by its small, fleshy soft green leaves. Also, you will notice that the leaves have thick margins as well as translucent tips. Some unusual varieties of Haworthia Cooperi have completely transparent, see-through leaves that help one to identify them.

Also, Haworthia Cooperi is a species of flowering plant. White flowers, which are not noticeable, thrive in summer at the end of long stems.

Wrapping Up

Clear succulents are one of the effortless plants you can keep alive, which makes them unique and popular across the globe. Significantly, succulents are distinctively stunningly beautiful and can be pretty irresistible.