Hanging succulents: Popular varieties & benefits

Hanging succulents

The charming world of hanging succulents

Those blissful beauties peeking from the edges of small hanging pots freshen up the air passing through them. And, decorating the room’s impression to a new level. Hanging succulents are the ones that can catch a person’s attention in a spur of a moment. And, can relax them from all worries with a mere view, leave aside the additional health benefits of it.

They have earned a special place in the homes of succulent lovers with the charm they bring in. And, they add a plethora of elegance into the chaotic lives of city dwellers.

Individuals in city locales are grievously trapped between the messy atmosphere and hectic schedules. In the situation where a person has got no escape and is in constant search of comfort and solitude to rejuvenate.

The circumstances where an individual doesn’t even have the time for his family. It’s futile to say he would find the time to care for the plants ornamenting his abode.

Succulents have that easiness to handle, they require little care in comparison to other plants. This is why they are perfect for the individual who doesn’t have enough time for gardening. But, desires the presence of natural beauty in their homes.

Succulents in the garden enhance the beauty of the area grandly. Hanging succulents provide the ease of occupying little space. And, are more suitable for the dry and less bright atmosphere of the rooms or indoors. But, are no less in terms of loveliness and have that charm that can relax the puzzled minds.

Popular varieties of hanging succulents

These hanging beauties have got multiple varieties which can match the choices and needs of a person. And, can effortlessly grab a permanent place in their homes with the long lives they have got.

If we talk about the attractiveness they carry. Then firstly, we should know about their varieties, how they transform the surroundings, and what specialty they hold.

A brief discussion about a few of the hanging succulents that have caught the attention of succulent lovers will give you an overview of their charisma.

String of Nickels

String of Nickels Succulents

Round flattened grey-green leaves that resemble small coins attract the on-lookers with its charming presence. The trailing stems of this succulent need little care as like most of the other plants. Just a little trimming once in a while, and this plant is ready to add liveliness in your home’s ambiance.

String of Pearls


With a little care, this green foliage with fleshy round pearl-like leaves can grow more than 1 meter hanging out from the edges. It’s a hanging succulents variety that flourishes with some exposure to bright sunlight. And, once in a summer, they come up with white fuzzy flowers with reddish stamens.

Elephant’s Food

ELEPHANT’S FOOD- Popular hanging succulents

A much sought after item in soups, salads, stews, etc. in South African cuisines. This succulent got its name because it is an elephant’s favorite food. They have a variegated variety also which needs lesser sun brightening than its regular green variant. This plant is loved by experienced gardeners, as it can be comfortably grown into some fantastic shapes.

String of Bananas

STRING OF BANANAS- Popular hanging succulents

A pretty popular and fast-growing variant of hanging succulents, it’s hardy and can flourish in harsh conditions. It is quite closely related to the string of pearls. But, can do very much better in terms of growth, and is very hard to kill variety. Another fact that makes them the lovable is that they bloom more than once in a year.

Donkey’s Tail


This evergreen foliage is pretty much related to Burro’s tail, another popular succulent variant. But, differs to it in terms of the shape of the leaves, which are more elongated, pointed, and curled than the flat-leaf of Burro’s tail. This dense flora with a pendant like stems overgrows from the edges of the planters and can propagate fast.

These are some of the popular varieties that have the caliber to win everyone’s heart. And, have earned a place in the front row of the theater of hanging succulents.

A lot of other varieties have made an everlasting place in the hearts of home gardeners. But, somewhat it is not possible to have them in a single blog, a lot of blogs will be essential to introduce their splendor.

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. It goes well with the succulents in our homes as they are the seed of our healthier tomorrow. And the person who is gardening them at his place certainly is a hardcore believer of natural prosperity.

They are deemed healthful for a home’s atmosphere, as they clean the air; add oxygen and water vapor to it. But the most important is the psychological effect that they create. The natural and relaxing aura they generate due to their presence takes away the anxiety and worries from mind.

Now, when we have got the little tour of the natural beauty of the trailing succulents. Let’s have a little peek in some phenomenal benefits of having them in our homes.

Benefits of hanging succulents

All-time home brighteners

Succulents can be grown in any climate, they flourish in any temperature. And, they have made their place in every region of the world. Because of their tolerant nature and adapting capabilities, they have got the numerous varieties. Which glorify the environment of a place with their multicolored charisma.

With colorful blossoms in every season, hanging succulents add a palette of bright and vibrant colors in the ambiance.

Are natural air-purifiers

Contaminated air is what we breathe in today. And, with the increasing human activities, there is no hope of it to go down; in fact, it will increase even more.

Therefore, we need to find natural ways to make our dwellings and surroundings safer. And, by purifying the air in the surroundings by removing the toxins present in it. Hanging succulents provide us a secure and healthier abode to reside.

Storehouse of fresh oxygen

Succulents exhale oxygen at night, and that is why it is advisable to have them at the places in our homes. Which need the renewing batch of fresh oxygen like our bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Natural humidifier

Hanging succulents release water vapors which improve the humidity in the air. And, we very well know the benefits of increased moisture in the air. It can help us in general ailments like cough, sore throats, itchiness, etc. And it also maintains the moisture content in our skins.

Memory Enhancer

Expert advises that we should keep succulents in our offices and study rooms have a reason behind it. As researches at some psychology institutes have shown that regular touch with nature increases brain activity and improves memory retention power. Which is quite a crucial factor in our performance at work and school.

Make you more pain-tolerant

The recent trend of having plants in hospital rooms has got an established reason behind it. Which compels the presence of these hanging succulents. And that is the study of therapy institutes that indicate that the patients that are close to plants need lesser medication. And, then imagine the benefits when you will have them in your homes at every moment.

Focus booster

Lack of attentiveness and presence of mind is another vital issue for today’s generation. And, nature has got the remedy for the same. Regular interaction with nature in your home lawn, or greeneries in room improves the focus of an individual.

One can find the hanging succulents to be even more helpful in daily lives once he includes them in daily life. The routine communication with these natural wonders can play a fantastic role in upgrading the quality of living.


These easy to care plants loaded with numerous benefits have become a must-have for every home. While offices already including hanging succulents in their green catalog. These plants are going to make one’s all-day affair a pleasant one!