Recycled glass vase for succulents- A clean and green option

A step taken towards the welfare of the environment is a step worth taking; the recycled products give your space a decent look and make it look attractive. A recycled glass vase for succulents is a brilliant option for this. They can be impressive beyond your thoughts and make your home appealing.

As humans, we have a perception that recycling causes loss of quality. However, this perception is not very right to believe. Recycling does not hamper the quality of the product in any way. It makes the product look more alluring and stylish. 

Are you thinking of ideas to reuse your glass vases and make them decorative? If yes, I have a good suggestion for you! Nut the question that lingers a garner’s mind is: Is it possible to plant succulents in containers without drainage?

This video will help:

Why recycled glass vase for succulents?

You can use these glasses as a decorative container for your succulents. These plants do not need a lot of maintenance and can effortlessly grow and fit in any corner of your house. Planting succulents in glass vases makes them look even more attractive and eye-catching. And who does not love a natural touch? And, in case, it’s not possible, you can always go for artificial succulents in glass containers. It will make your home a head-turner for every visitor and highly appealing. 

Succulents in glass vases

It is essential to start making changes to preserve nature and raw materials for future generations. This change begins with us and, we have to pass it on further. The best way to take the initiative of this is to reuse the same product. A tremendous amount of energy each day and lowers pollution as well. 

In this article, I will share some facts and benefits of recycled glass vases with you. It will help in eliminating your queries and make you feel confident and happy. 

Benefits of Recycled glass vase for succulents:

We know succulents are not as attractive as other flowers and plants. However, it is on you how to make them look alluring. There are plenty of benefits of using glass vases for your succulents. Some unknown benefits of using a glass vase are:

Succulents look very attractive in glass vases.

If you want to plant succulents in a glass vase, it will make them look very stunning and add glory to the place. The best part is you can decorate the soil layer with the desired sand and rocks. Glass vases are transparent and, the layers are easily seen through them, and that’s why succulent arrangements in glass containers look very attractive. 

There are several DIY ideas to decorate glass vases with succulents in this video

The video will give you unique decorative ideas that you can implement on your succulent vase. You can add color, texture, and a lot more to your containers than just soil.

You can easily arrange them.

To find a suitable location for your recycled glass vase for succulents is not very difficult. If your vase is tiny, it can fit in any corner of your house and still catch attention.

Many people prefer glass vases over the regular container for succulents because it makes the house interiors look too good. So, may it be your dining area or your center table, these vases look alluring everywhere? Fill in the empty spaces with these ideas today to feel great!

Recycled glass vases do not leak. 

We understand your concern when it comes to using recycled products. But recycling does not cause any loss in the quality of the product and, it gives results just like the last one. The glass vase will not leak or cause any problem in your house. Also, there are zero chances of them leaving any stain. They are secure for use and can be placed in any area without worries. 

They make great fancy decor items. 

Glass vases

These minimal décor items look fancy and catch attention, with their great combinations of succulent terrarium. They look best without a doubt and sometimes can even look like expensive décor items. Many décor shops have come up with selling these products to gain profits. However, making them is not very difficult or pricy, and you can easily make them at home.

You can gift a recycled glass vase.

It can be an impressive gift for a friend or family member. At the same time, it will look elegant and rich, with no wrong impression. It is a versatile product and can be perfect for any person without fail. So, next time while thinking of a giftable, you can consider this as a great gift.

Some facts about recycled glass vases for succulents:

Today recycling only a few people take it seriously as they understand the objective behind it. Knowing the benefits and facts of recycling will change your mind to a better perspective about it. Some facts about recycling are: 

  • Glass is a material that can easily be reusable. On recycling, it does not lose any purity or quality but maintains the same. The making process of glass requires very high temperatures and, the products melt and later give a shape.
  • Glass has domestic components in its structure like sand, limestone, soda ash, and cullet. It means the recycled glass is a part of glass making. So, if you feel your new glassware is better than the recycled glass, you are wrong.
  • Recycling glass is a substitute for 95 % raw materials. Saving these materials is vital as they play a primary role in maintaining environmental health.

  • There are several benefits of recycling glass materials to the environment. Like it limits the consumption of raw materials and decreases emissions. Also, it saves energy and gives more life to plant.
  • Thus, recycling is essential for the production of new materials and to continue manufacturing. Without recycling, the world will be scarce of resources and not be able to produce new materials. 

Recycled glass vase for succulents at home, is it possible?

The proper recycling process requires energy and high temperature levels. But you can reuse your glass and other items just at home with the help of some fun techniques. All you need is some tools and stationery to make these creative items. The video below will help you understand it more:

Some commonly found items in households: 

Broken glasses

If your glass has a crack and you do not know how to reuse it, you can follow this simple technique. Fill in the gap with glitter and glue and place a small succulent pot in the glass. Now you can fill in the space between the glass and the container with stones and pebbles and turn it into a fancy décor item.

Old glasses 

Instead of throwing the old glasses, you can use them to plant your succulents. These plants do not require a lot of air circulation or moisture and can grow even in rocks. Taking advantage of this feature of succulents, you can easily plant them in broken glasses and reuse the glass bowl for succulents.


Succulents look very impressive in wine glasses and old crockery.

You do not need a lot of decoration on it as well as they have an attractive design.

Simply planting succulents with soil can also do wonders for such items.


Once the bright color of your bottles fades away, you do not feel like using them again. However, you can paint them and make them look even more attractive than before and turn them to fancy items.

They go well with all kinds of furniture and can look impressive enough for a succulent glass terrarium.

Succulent Terrarium

Is it safe to have succulent arrangements in glass containers?

Planting succulents in glass will not cause any damage to them. Succulents are plants that can survive in dry areas, and glass does not permit much moisture. 

However, make sure you do not water your succulents a lot, or else they may die due to suffocation.

The glass vase does not have holes for releasing the extra moisture so, be careful with watering and read some blogs about how to water succulents in glass containers.

If your concern is air circulation, then it does not cause any adverse effect on your succulents.

The video will show you ways to plant them to ensure that the succulent is happy and blooming.

Final Words

Now that you have a better understanding of recycling and reusing, you can confidently plant succulents. 

Decorating places with nature always enlightens the mood and makes one feel good while doing their chores. Plant your succulents in recycled glass vases and take a step to make the world a better place. 

Also, do not worry but follow precautions to keep your succulents happy and healthy. I hope this article has given you a brief idea about recycling glass and planting succulents. 

They have plenty of benefits and, it creates a better aura in your home, and it’s better to have succulents in a glass vase. To know more about succulents, you can check our other blog now and have more confidence in gardening.