Succulent Bouquet: Why to choose them!

No Bouquet of Flowers? New Trend Sees Brides Carrying Succulent Bouquet

Seeing flowers replaced with succulents has become a new trend these days. There was a time when people, especially brides at their wedding were seen carrying flower bouquets. But, all of that has become a cliché, succulent bouquet have truly found their way to weddings.

In fact, a lot of people prefer using them alone and amalgamated with a wide variety of conventional flowers. In this article, we will talk about why many people nowadays are relying on succulents instead of flowers.

Why choose a succulent bouquet instead of flower bouquet?

Succulent Bouquet

In the early days, maybe people had a hard time finding succulents. But this is not the case anymore, you can easily find these plants now. And, there is no doubt that they seem to make an inroad into our lives, which includes weddings as well.

This is the reason why people do not seem astonished to see some brides keeping from the conventional flower arrangement. Instead, they lay emphasis on carrying a succulent bouquet as they are walking down the aisle.

It’s true that making a bunch of fine succulents requires a lot of creativity. That goes into these amazing designs and it truly reflects the hard work. Also, there are some brides who have a preference for putting succulents in the bouquet with traditional flowers. So what they get is an interesting look.

You can find many succulent service providers online that deliver bouquets and boutonnieres for weddings everywhere.

Unlike a traditional bouquet of flowers, you can have a succulent bouquet shipped with a heat pack. If you decide to have it delivered in the winter season.

One of the reasons why couples might express their interest in succulent bouquets is because they want them to harmonize with their table décor. Some couples are not restricting the use of succulents to bouquets.

The individual plants in these arrangements last for an extended period of time. However, if a leaf breaks off one of the succulent plants, propagating a new plant out of it is simple.

You and your invited guests can take a bit of your wedding back to their home. And, the plant could survive for many years to come. Isn’t that a sweet yet subtle reminder of your big day? Yes indeed!

Add a succulent bouquet to Your Special Day (Wedding)!

succulent bridal bouquet

While wedding bouquets are still considered a nuptial foundation, the blooms may not seem automatically mandatory.

Modern brides nowadays are adorning their stylish ceremonies with a different floret i.e. a succulent.

Bouquets comprising of succulents are no less than a natural choice for brides. Who are looking to boost their personality with a distinct take on tradition. If you are thinking of trading out stems on your special day. This is the right time to do so with a succulent bouquet.

Read on to find how these stunningly beautiful alternatives to traditional flowers offer modern brides some of the most significant benefits for their bridal bouquets.

Succulent bouquet variety

succulent bouquet wedding

Although you can find a wide variety of succulents, green succulents – the ever-popular ‘Echeveria’ – may have put these jovial plants on the map. However, cacti and succulents can actually be found in every color you could think of under the sun. Also, they offer exciting textures as well as sizes that differentiate them greatly from traditional wedding flowers.

Availability of Succulents

You may fall in love with the look of hydrangeas or peonies. But, these and other blossoms are usually available during certain times of the year.

If your ceremony is taking place outside succulents’ propagating season. Having them imported in could make you shell out extra at your wedding.

Succulents grow throughout the year. Also, they are cultivated all over America, so sourcing their local varieties should not pose a problem.

Without any seasonal troubles to hold you back, you can take your pick from the bouquet of flowers as you desire. You don’t even want to give a second thought to constraints, be it the weather or seasonal.

Succulent bouquet durability

Summer weddings can spell a tragedy for your wedding blooms, albeit they are the norm in much of the United States. A little heat and inadequate water reserves are more likely to send your wedding bunch into retreat.

If you are looking for an outdoor wedding ceremony, make sure you take certain preventative measures so the bouquet does not end up wilted by the heat. Succulents are made to tolerate extreme temperatures, which make them a perfect option for that June nuptials you have been craving for.

Not interested to go all-in with succulents? Consider adding some of your favorite flowers. Succulents and fresh blooms – a gorgeous blend in a wedding bouquet!

Succulent bouquet is eco-friendly

Flowers are plants that are cut down at the height of their lives and once they’re separated from their roots, they begin to perish.

These plants (succulents) are usually plucked with their root systems undamaged and can cultivate again effortlessly, making them perfect for replanting after you are done with your wedding reception.

Regardless of whether you choose to hand them over to your guests or construct a garden of succulents in your home, they are unquestionably the best way to let your special day live on.

Add a unique touch

Have you always wanted to create your own wedding bouquet? If so, succulents are one of the top mediums you must consider working with. But you don’t need to take a halt here. Succulents give a very appealing look as they can be used for multi-purpose wedding embellishments. Creating lovely DIY cake toppers, centerpieces, or boutonnieres is a simple task.


Making a budget for your special day is a full-time job. Succulents make it easy for you to create gorgeous wedding flower arrangements. This way, you can save money on florists costing an arm and a leg.

Home decor may witness various trends in a multitude of different directions, but in recent times, succulents seem to have made it big as wedding bouquets. As long as you have a sunny window in your home and don’t eliminate your plants with extreme watering, then cultivating succulents and getting in on this recent trend will work to your advantage.

Bottom Line: Succulent Bouquet.

Succulents have gained immense popularity as wedding bouquets. More and more brides nowadays are relying on them as they come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes. They are no longer fascinated with traditional flowers as they have become passé.