Succulent Pots: Types & Benefits

The exciting world of succulent pots

The buzz around succulent pots is noticeable to all, and people who are weak in knees for the classic home decor. And, are also inclined to a healthy lifestyle for them & their family.

We can owe the popularity of succulents to the elegance and authenticity it adds to home decor, and at the same time, it induces tons of health benefits that are needed by all.

Indoor plants are a way forward to cope with the hazardous air of the outside and to thrive in fresh, breathable air all day long.

Now, it is the time to bid farewell to all dormant home decor pieces and make space for thriving succulents’ pots that will preserve your Succulent for a longer time.

Especially people who live in jam-packed apartments and poorly ventilated homes, they will be able to relish fresh and pure air with no dust particles and pollution.

To kick start our article on the best types of succulent pots and their benefits, let us first draw light upon succulents, how they help to beautify the indoor space, and also promote many health benefits.

What are succulents? 

Succulents are resilient plants that thrive in all environments and require moderate maintenance. These plants store water and are also drought-resistant; one example of that type of succulent plant is the cactus. But cactus is not the only succulent plant; there are varieties of succulents of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

You can plant them in pots or containers, which propels the stability and life of these plants, along with adding beauty and elegance to your place.

What are the health benefits of succulents?

Add aesthetics to your home

You can trust succulents to add color and a creative spunk to your home. So much powerful their presence is those tiny succulents kept in an eye-pleasing pot instantly add life to a dormant room or place.

Make a suitable choice to have one at your home, and it will enhance the aura without disrupting its charm and sanctity.

Purify the air

Succulents are said to eliminate microbes and toxins present in the air. They are known to remove volatile organic compounds that induce undesirable changes once they enter our body. These plants are natural eliminators of such substances and make the air fit to breathe in.

Reduce stress & propels good vibes

A hectic day at work can be made better by the peaceful and soothing aura of your house.

We all know that the environment affects our mood drastically, and to avoid added stress and frustration, it is best to make some space for these homely succulents.

It is time to refrain from negative energies and thoughts and open a path for a productive and enjoyable day.

Eliminate respiratory diseases.

The toxins present in the air often are the root causes of respiratory diseases like allergies, such as pneumonia, bronchial asthma, and other lung diseases.

Especially if your residential area is close to any industry or factory, the air quality is worse than the other locations. In such cases, succulents prove highly beneficial to make air VOC and toxin-free.

Why choose Succulent pots? 

  • Succulent pots make it easier to manage and store.
  • They add orientation and a posh look to your house.
  • Because, they are tough and durable, we can hold large plants quite well.
  • Also, they are helpful for plants that like to stay dry. Porous material allows for the soil to dry out quickly and helps prevent the roots from decaying.
  • Good insulator; weather and cold-resistant; heavy material can withstand strong winds.
  • Succulent pots have an inbuilt drainage system, which helps in controlling moisture in the soil.
  • Many succulent pots provide extra aeration to plants because of their built and additional aerial passage.
  • Pots are available in multiple styles and sizes according to the need, like hanging, window sill, small, large, etc.
  • They are an added attraction to your place, as different styles and textures of pots enhance the beauty of the succulent and the area.

Here are some of the best types of succulent pots:

Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Succulent Pots

Mason Jars are the best choice for quirky and cute succulent plants, as they are drought resistant. It takes just half an hour to make your own Mason jars.

You can paint them with bright pastel colors that will go in hand with the colors of the background and plants.

Recycle the old drinking bottles or ice cream jars into an attractive Mason jar by putting your creative skills to work.

Wooden Succulent Pots

Succulent Pot

For those who are environment freaks and never promote plastics or stuff made of non-biodegradable substances, wooden pots are the right choice.

Succulents stored in wood containers are perfect to have a classic touch to your house; there are varieties of wooden pots available for you to choose from in the market.

They are cold-resistant and withstand harsh climate change. Wooden plants need minimal care as they provide an adequate amount of heat and air to plants.

One can use a thin lining of plastic to prevent the pots from rotting.

Cement succulent pots

Cement Succulent Pots

Cement pots are easy to make; they go well with the color and texture of the plants.

They are durable and brittle and do not rot over time. Thus, people with a packed schedule can keep their plants in cement containers for a concrete look that will last for years.

You can spray-paint the pot with your favorite color. Cement pots come in all sizes and shapes, thus go well with any interior type.

Rectangular multiple succulent pots

rectangular succulent pot

For all those hardcore plant lovers who love bunches of succulent plants in their garden; but do not want to spend extra money.

Rectangular pots will let you stack four to five plants together, saving the money spent on multiple ones. Rectangular containers look quite stylish and come in all materials like wood, plastic, or ceramic clay.

Reused tin can succulent pots

Reuse Tin Can Pot

Tin cans are something that is extensively used in households nowadays. From food products to personal care, tin cans are useful to package a variety of things.

These tin cans can be recycled and reused to plant Succulents in them.

They take up small space and are durable, and look beautiful when painted with some bright colors. Frankly saying, it is one of the best ways to remove waste and to reuse the non-biodegradable cans.

Square wooden succulent pots

Square Wooden Pots nowadays are extensively used to design interiors. The reason behind is that Square is a shape that goes well with all type of backgrounds. They are spacious and thus hold a sufficient amount of soil. They save space and keep the plants fresh and cool all day long.

White large bowl-type succulent pots

Every kitchen and home use bowls for multiple purposes; but what after they get discarded from regular usage. One can convert that bowl into a beautiful succulent pot.

Making small holes below for drainage is the only thing need to convert a large bowl to a plot. They can be kept in kitchens, living rooms, on dining tables, and will complement the color and size of succulents.

Stone succulent pots

Stone succulent pots continue to be the user’s favorite due to the edgy yet pleasing aura they reflect. These stone containers are either made of pure stone or by the combination of limestone and fiberglass. They are available in a variety of exciting colors and shapes; however, the heavyweight can make transfer of these pots laborious.

Concrete & cast stone succulent pots

Concrete and cast stone succulent pots are tailor-made to accompany you till the end of time; these durable containers take care of your plants in the best way possible. They are heavy and can withstand strong winds but succeed to keep the succulents fresh and lively. They are highly accessible and affordable, but the heavyweight of these succulent pots can induce a bit of trouble.

Fiberglass & resin succulent pots

Fiberglass and resin pots; are made from woven glass fibers and resin materials.

This infusion of raw materials is then cast to form intricate and well-designed containers of different shapes and sizes.

These eye-catching pots look like wooden, stone, and clay pots but are much cheaper and prettier.

These planters are lightweight and durable and can withstand more extreme weather conditions outdoors.

Final Thoughts

With so many options and benefits of succulent pots, one cannot avoid their usage in the garden.

They are helpful to every succulent lover to decorate their garden in a much unique and pleasant way.

It brings out the creativity and charm residing in a person as many gardening lovers bring out their best, ornamenting their home with a beautiful array of succulent pots.