Tips to Propagate Garden Succulents Exponentially

Do you want to propagate garden succulents in a cost-efficient way? Then you have to do it in the right way. Investing in seeds or plants might not be affordable all the time and, we understand. In this article, we have given some techniques with which you can quickly multiply your succulent garden.

The process to propagate garden succulents not only simple but will turn into a fascination if done with an eager will. These plants are attractive and look the best as baby succulents, so you will love to propagate and understand how to grow your own succulents. Once you are confident in taking care of your succulents, it is time to expand them and make your garden look lovely. 

Propagate garden succulents

The concept of propagating being a difficult task is not so correct. There are plenty of ways by which you can successfully propagate garden succulents exponentially and create your healthy garden all by yourself.However, after successful propagation, you also need to know how to take care of the plant. If you do not take adequate care of them, they will die.

In this article, you will understand how to propagate garden succulents and take care of them for the best results. 

How to propagate garden succulents?

These few simple steps that you need to follow to build your succulent jungle. The propagation can be done in various ways although, taking care after it is essential. 

Leaf propagation 

Initially, you can either find leaves that have fallen or swiftly cut the older ones. Later leave it out in a dry place, probably in a room, to dry for about 24 hours before using it for propagation. After this, take some root powder in a dish and coat the end of the leaf or root in it and plant it in cactus soil preferably.

Pick fallen leaves

If you want more succulents in one pot, spread them out so that they grow in number. Ensure you do not overcrowd these babies as it is not very good for them. Also, over-watering these succulents is unhealthy, or else they may die and, your goal to propagate garden succulents will come to a bitter end. 

You can water the soil after 3 to 4 days of planting the root. It will ensure proper care and will not be too harsh on the growing roots. The best thing about succulents is that they have root cells in their leaves and stems. It makes it easy to multiply their growth. Succulents are preferable indoor plants and most of the times are indoor plants. They have a plus point of growing slowly and require lesser care and do not expand their locations quickly. 

Succulents are not very difficult, as they are simple and require direct sun and well-draining soil containers for their healthy growth. Also, they do not need fertilizers regularly but only when they have any infestation or inadequate growth. So, you should look for easiest succulents to propagate.

Division method

You can propagate garden succulents by the method of division. Some succulents may have small plants that appear on the ribs or the leaves edges of the plant. When these plants become big enough to grow by themselves, remove them and plant for new growth. 

By division, tiny plants grow around the succulent when it becomes mature. Ultimately, many little plants grow and border the bigger surrounding succulent plants, and the container becomes full. Remove these small plants gently from the pot if you want to propagate garden succulents.

Dividing succulents
how to grow your own succulents

Ensure that you water the plant well before removing it so that more soil adheres to its roots. If roots are not present on these tiny plants, they will not grow fast. It might take a longer time for them to arise. However, if your small plants do not have roots, you can follow callusing to save them. Planting these tiny plants will help in enhancing your succulent garden effectively.

Cuttings and callusing method

Some propagation happens by taking a cutting from the succulents, so it’s beneficial to learn how to cultivate succulent cuttings. Usually because of plant damage or any accident that has hurt your succulent, they come up with some cuttings. These broken parts cannot heal again but, they can be useful in producing new healthy plants. It is essential to note that the dead leaf or stem is not used immediately but after a while. This period for the part to dry is known as callusing. 

Do not let the freshly cut piece come in contact with water, or else it will rot, follow the methods developed for dry propagation of succulents. Research tells us that letting the cutting sit for a few days before repotting them can help in better growth. After some time, this damp piece of plant starts forming a tough layer of callus over the plant tissue. Later, planting it in moist soil will help in new growth. Ensure you embed the part very superficially. As placing it deep inside the topsoil will hamper its growth and suffocate it. 

how to grow your own succulents

Small plants might require additional supports by external materials or the sides of the container. However, it takes succulents a lot of time to grow succulent new roots. If you place them in a cold surrounding, it will take even more time than usual, as succulents are dry plants.

All succulents may not be able to grow roots, for instance, plants like Aloe vera. The succulents have many types and, each one has its own set of rules for growth so, there will never be one guide for all of them. Gardeners need to study and learn the methods of how to plant succulent cuttings.

This video will help you achieve better insights to propagate garden succulents. The tips and methods have shown in this video will aid in a better understanding of the process.

Tips to how to grow your own succulents after propagation 

It is essential to know what to do after propagation for success. The tips here will help you give an adequate number of necessities to your budding plant. By which it will sprout as a happy succulent plant with the desirable bloom and glow. Follow these after steps to get the best results for expanding your garden.

Cactus soil 

Cactus soil is good for the growth of succulents, especially after propagation. Ensure you use the correct soil mix, or else your plant will not grow well.

Do not overwater 

The succulents do not like water like other plants. So, if you are overwatering your succulents, you must immediately stop doing it. When the plant is small, make sure you do not water it a lot, or else the plant will not grow or it may also die because excess water remains in the soil. However, some succulents can be propagated in water but, for that you must learn techniques to how to propagate succulents in water.

Use root powder

After cutting the fresh piece off your plant and the process of callus, ensure you sip it in root powder for better growth. Coat the cut end of the plant with root powder well before placing it in the soil. It will give a healthy growth and help in root formation. 

Do not pluck 

For propagation, ensure that you use leaves that have fallen off the plant instead of cutting a fresh one. The leaf should be dry before you plant it so that the plant grows, for that, learn the techniques for dry propagation of succulents.

Support the budding plant

Small plants might need external support to grow before they form their roots so, check if your succulent needs support and make the provisions accordingly.

The correct amount of sunlight

Do not leave the plant in direct sunlight for hours. Also, after propagation does not leave the leaf or stem to dry in the sunlight for a faster process. It may damage the root cells in your callus.

If you want to know the techniques that will be best to propagate garden succulents, you can watch the video at this.

This video has details for the right propagation techniques according to each person’s experience levels. 

Final Words

Now that you have a better understanding and knowledge propagate garden succulents feel confident in multiplying your garden. A garden always looks beautiful when it is full of plants, and they are blooming to their fullest. Propagation is not as difficult as it feels to be. It only requires practice and research work to be a success. Now that you know the tips and tricks of healthy succulent propagating, it will help you utilize your money for various other decorations in your garden. 

We hope this blog on how to grow your own succulents, has been helpful to you and has given you insights on propagation techniques and succulent propagation timeline; you can go to our other blogs to get answers. It will reveal more knowledge for succulent gardening and assist you to do better. Taking care of your garden is one of your most vital priorities. They will make you feel more confident and help your garden be happy and healthy.