Watering succulents- A guide to spot the need & fulfil it?

Succulents are different from the other common plants in your garden. And because of their watering needs and essentials, the need to watering succulents also differs. So, if you are watering them like the other plants in your space or garden, then they will probably die! Many people misunderstand this factor and completely ignore their succulents. So, ensure you study them well before you invite these babies into your house.

You might feel that it is complicated watering succulents and it will make growing them difficult, but it is not so. All you need to do is understand their requirements and observe them well.

Watering succulents of different varieties

In this article, many pieces of advice and tips will help watering succulents adequately and help them thrive. One such piece of advice is that you must note your watering schedule and record it to you knows when to water next. Keeping records will help you to analyze the water needs of your succulent. And also know when to water it again.

There are several ways by which you can keep a record of your watering schedules. Also, there are mobile apps that help you track and remember all your information. It is an easy way to get access to the best for your plants.

Here are some ways how you can find the water needs of your succulent.

Watering succulents in indoor and outdoor gardens

The soak and dry method is the best way for watering succulents. Moisten the soil entirely, and then wait for it to dry out before you water your plant again. Also, ensure that the soil mix you use for your succulent is well-draining and does not hold onto water for long. For best results, you can use cactus soil.

Watering succulents in indoors slightly different, it is generally better if you do not moisten the leaves. You can use a can or a spray bottle for watering succulents, as both accessories work the best. However, this is not an issue with outdoor succulents as they have more ventilation and dry out quicker.

You can soak your succulent soil in water and patiently wait for it to dry. Ensure not watering succulents, until the soil is entirely dry from top to bottom of the container. Succulents hate overwatering and do not like to be in the water for more than two days.

For more information about watering succulents, you can take reference of this video at:

It will help reveal insights and gain more knowledge about how often to water succulents indoors is okay, and the techniques to complete the task.

Watering succulents, what should be the frequency?

It is better watering succulents only when they are dry. There is no particular timetable that you should follow but observe and make changes according to the climate. Indoor succulents do well even if you water them once every 15 days as their sun exposure is less. You can begin with this timeline and gradually change it according to needs.

You can also use moisture checking devices to analyze when your succulents need water and when not. The best way to understand your succulent needs water is when they begin to show signs of under-watering. If the leaves look dry and small, then your plant is not doing its best.

As succulents are prone to root rot, it is better to wait for slight signs before watering succulents again. But if you do not prefer this method, you can wait for the soil to dry entirely. And of course, tracking your watering time is essential as it plays a vital role in the overall process.

Watering succulents in controlled way!

Succulents are native plants to desert and arid regions. So, it is necessary to understand that they like to be in warm and dry temperatures. Desert plants like cacti and other succulents need water only once a while, so it is better watering succulents of these kinds infrequently.

Indoor succulents need the soak and dry method only because of their surroundings and environmental settings.

When they get sufficient water, they store it for use in times of drought and lack. Also, they grow new roots to absorb moisture from the surroundings and survive.

Watering succulents through spray
Young businesswoman watering succulent plants. Female is selling cactus pots at store. She is working.

This method will help your plant develop a healthy root system. And will also further help in surviving drought for a long time.

Watering succulents excessively will lead it to rot. Once your succulent starts rotting, it is difficult to prevent the symptoms.

And after some days, your plant will die. So, avoid spraying water on the leaves but spray the water on the roots and moisten the soil well.

Using the right soil 

It is highly essential to plant succulents in the right soil. The topsoil must be well-draining and should not hold water for long.

Whenever watering succulents, make sure they do not sit in water for too long, it will rot them. Your soil must be entirely dry especially, the top 1.5 inches, so that your plant thrives well.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make the perfect soil mix for your succulent. All you need is a few ingredients to make it or purchase one from a nearby nursery or store.

The soil should be coarse and not sandy that stays wet for long. The right measure of organic and inorganic contents makes a perfect soil mix. So, ensure you make the right one for your plant to bloom.  

Traditional soil does not well for these plants, they stay wet for a longer time. You can also use cactus and succulent soils found in nurseries if you are a beginner. Just ensure you water the topsoil when it is entirely dry, as each soil requires a different amount of time to dry.

Use a well-drained container! 

The container you use for your succulent plays a vital role in the water needs. Before watering succulents, ensure that your pot drains well and has holes in the bottom; it removes access water.

Succulents do not like to sit in moist soil for very long. And so, you must get the right container. It becomes difficult for the soil to dry out entirely if your pot does not have drainage holes.

The hole in the bottom of the container permits excess water to come out of the pot and keeps your succulent roots dry. It also gives necessary ventilation and helps in drying out faster. If you are a beginner with succulents, a container with a drainage hole is the best for you.

Watering succulents while propagating.

It is the time when a spray bottle plays an important in watering your plant. It helps in wetting the plant adequately.

However, you can also use a squeeze bottle for the soil to wet it properly and well. Watering succulents everyday while propagating succulent leaves both indoors and outdoors, is essential. You must keep the soil moist so that the leaves have ample access to moisture.

Watering succulents while propagating

Spray the topsoil with water using a squeeze bottle. Just like the roots of large succulents, the leaves also absorb moisture from the air surrounding them. So, moistening the soil with the help of a spray bottle is generally sufficient.

Also, watch out for the roots and ensure they are dry entirely, before watering succulents. As time goes by, you will able to understand your plant’s water needs. But to start with ensuring, you do not over-water, or underwater you plant in any case. If you are not sure about the water needs, you can use the tops, devices, or a tracker for assurance.

Observe your succulents well, and they will talk to you!

Your succulent will show symptoms if you are doing something wrong. There are easy to understand signs that will help you analyze what to do to your plant.

Give attention to them, and your succulent will grow healthy and thrive. It will begin to make changes if it requires more or less water. You can try the techniques and methods with confidence and gain knowledge about watering succulents.

It is much simpler to save your plants from underwatering than from overwatering. Observe your succulent, and it will show you the exact problem in its care-taking regime.

The best way to know about watering succulents is okay, need is to observe them and follow the right methods and techniques. Often individuals tend to shower them with extra care and love and end up over-watering them. And some neglect them entirely. In both cases, there is a lack of experience and knowledge that leads to these simple mistakes.

To know about signs and symptoms of overwatering, you can check this video at:

It will give you the right knowledge and help in saving your precious plants.

Gather more info for watering succulents

Cautiously and watchfully watering succulents and makes your garden bloom well. For more information about succulents, you can check other blogs. They will help you in future gardening!