Best Pink Flowering Succulents to Amplify Your Garden’s Appeal

What picture do you paint in your mind when you hear the word succulents? Is it limited to fleshy, leafy, green adorable beauties decorating your indoor and outdoor garden? Or pretty looking plants that are easy to care for and thrive in adverse weather conditions?

But, do you know that succulents also bloom up every year with colorful blossoms and delightful fragrances.

Flowering succulents add an unusual charm to the garden with the presence of their remarkable blossoming patterns.

Succulents can bloom in your garden with minimal care, and they come up with an array of colorful blossoms, adding a beautiful pattern to it.

Flowers of succulents can be of various colors, out of which pink-colored flowers are pretty common in almost every succulent variety, making them a most visible and appreciated addition to the family of flowering succulents.



Rare succulents plants


Here you will find the list of best pink flowering succulents that can brighten your garden’s ambiance. These flowering succulents are easy to care for, unlike regular plants that demand regular caring and nourishment.

  1. Ice Plant | Livingstone Daisy


Ice Plant


Native to South Africa, this succulent’s biological name is Cleretum Bellidiforme. It has got thick and fleshy spoon-shaped leaves, with numerous branches spreading across the ground.

Tips of its branch are base for bright pink colored flowers. Their different varieties bloom with multiple colors of flowers. They are very bright colored and daisy-like in shape, and two-three cm in diameter.

They bloom in spring and remain there till the fall season, enhancing the beauty of your garden for a long time. It can be grown in all climates, making it a suitable addition for outdoor gardens.

  1. Rock Purslane| Calandrinia Grandiflora 


Rock Purslane care


Flowers of this succulent blooms, in the duration of spring, to fall on the top of a tall stem above the dense grayish-green foliage.

Its poppy looking blossoms last for only one day, but a new one takes their place soon in the blossom season. It is a native of warm and dry areas of Chile; maybe this is why it needs little water and care; it also dislikes too cold climate, so it is preferred to take them indoors at the time of the freeze.

Their bright colored flowers are an attraction for bees and insects, so be prepared for that.

  1. Christmas Cacti | Schlumbergera




This species is blessed, with blossoms of multiple color variety, out of which pink colored blooms are pretty famous for their captivating presence.

It is a variety that is famous for blooming several times a year, from October to March.

This succulent is preferred for indoors, as it requires partial shade and also regulated temperatures, as their flower buds are quite soft and fragile and can wipe out in harsh climate. schlumbergera truncata, schlumbergera opuntioides.

  1. Crown of Thorns | Euphorbia milii


Crown of Thorns


Euphorbia milii, the crown of thorns, a native to Latin America, is considered one of the most compatible houseplant; it is a terrific bloomer and beautifies the surroundings with a fantastic display of small pink blossoms.

It requires partial shade, which makes it suitable for indoors; avoid overwatering this plant, as excess moisture can rot its existence, so add water to soil only when it is too dry.

Even, blooming season doesn’t require excessive fertilization; only make sure to keep it free from insects.

  1. Pincushion Cactus | Mammillaria




Spring is the blooming season for this succulent when its round-shaped stem gets covered with fabulous pink-colored flowers.

This cacti variety is drought tolerant and requires minimal watering even before the blooming season, which is spring; watering should be done rarely or stopped in some cases.

You can use some fertilizers to speed up the growth rate and to provide extra nourishment before spring. Although, this succulent is not believed friendly to children and pets due to its stem covered with spines.

  1. Desert Rose Plant | Adenium obesum


desert rose plant care


Bonsai variety of this plant is a popular addition to the home gardens. This plant is habitual to both warm and cold climates and can bloom all year round according to it.

Like its beautiful flowers appear in spring and summer in cold weather, while they ornament the garden with their presence all year round if it is a warmer season.

Its original variety grows up to 10 feet in height, adorned with flowers of 2-3 inches size.

Its bonsai plant is suitable for small to medium container and has got the trademark swollen stem like the larger one.

  1. Echeveria Afterglow


Echeveria Afterglow care


This succulent has got unique looks and is a star of every garden with its lavender shade leaves enhancing the beauty of it.

It is a medium height plant with an average height of two feet and needs sunlight exposure to thrive and bloom, so keep it in full sun or partial shade.

Blossoms of this plant are reddish-pink in color and flower in summer. Along with its mesmerizing blossoms, its leaves also attract the eyeballs towards it.

This plant is okay with both warm and dry weather and needs limited water resources to grow, as it can store water.

  1. Orchid Cactus | Epiphyllum Oxypetalum


Orchid Cactus Care
Epiphyllum Oxypetalum

This succulent looks incredible in hanging baskets, as its long, jagged stems hang down the borders of it. Big flowers bloom at the end of the stem at the time of night.

However, they can be of various colors depending on the variety of the plant, but pink flowers are the most captivating.

The flowers of this succulent usually do not bloom in its first two years, but after they start blossoming, the beauty of theirs makes the wait worthy.

Caring for these plants is pretty easy, as they don’t grow too big, but you can prune them after they are over with flowering.

  1. Stonecrop




It is a popular choice for people who like to grow succulents in colder regions, as it can endure the cold weather quite well. It has got two varieties- creeping sedum and tall sedum.

The first one has dense foliage and covers the ground with it. The other one has got the long stems, tips of which are home to the clusters of bright pink blossoms.

This species has got multiple varieties with different color of flowers brightening the ambiance. It is easy to care for succulent and does not demand for lot of watering and fertilization like regular houseplants.

  • Emily Cobweb Houseleek | Sempervivum Arachnoideum


Emily Cobweb Houseleek


The Red and green broad leaves of this plant, covered by a spiderweb-like structure, gives it a unique look. On the raised stems of the plant, flowers bloom in clusters in the month of summers.

They are star-shaped and pink in color and add unusual radiance to the place with their rosette formation.

Their flowers can get pollinated easily, as they have both the male and female parts required for it. This plant can thrive both indoors and outdoors, which is why people prefer it to have in rock gardens or containers.




It is one of the easy to grow and care for succulent to have in your garden, which makes it one of the most popular among gardening beginners.

Native to South Africa, this plant is famous for its glossy oval-shaped dark green leaves. But, its pink to white star-shaped flowers, which bloom in late winter or early spring, also are a treat to watch.

This 3-4 feet plant loves sunlight and can be grown indoors also if we keep it near to the windows for required brightness.

  • Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana | Florist Kalanchoe


Florist Kalanchoe


Also known, flaming Katy, florist Kalanchoe, this succulent is famous for its long-lasting blooms. This succulent with glossy foliage blooms mostly in spring; they need more sunlight before the blooming season.

They bloom in large clusters, presenting a mesmerizing sight in the garden, their lustrous foliage, and big rosette makes them a popular variety to have.

Available in multiple color variants of flowers, decorated with large green fleshy leaves, they are a pretty houseplant to have in your garden.

These succulents are photoperiodic, which means they respond to the amount of light, so place them near the windows and move them back to dark at night. But, a dose of proper sunlight is essential to have a full bloom.

Above mentioned varieties of succulents are easy to grow and care for and are easy to find in local store and nurseries.

With some tips and facts about how to handle these beauties in your garden, you can have a beautiful decoration of pink blossoms at your place.

So, do not waste more time, if you are a garden lover, bring these pink flowering succulents to your home, and you will see that with minimal efforts, your garden gets glorified with the pleasant sight and fragrance of these blossoming charmers!