Succulents in glass vases: A Beginner Guide

Why decorate succulents in glass vases?

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Succulents are beautiful and mesmerizing plants with ease to grow and care for. Apart from gardens, decorating succulents in glass vases has also become a popular trend, nowadays. As succulents are naturally self-sufficient, means they do not require high maintenance from us. And, they can flourish without human intervention.

A variety of containers are preferred to accommodate these beauties indoors, like clay, ceramic, wooden, glass, etc.

The attractiveness and benefits of succulents have compelled nature lovers to have them at home. Mostly the places where they sit around or spend most of the time of their day. These places could be their dining table, study table, bed, the relaxing chair in the entertainment room, etc. Glass vases are apt for these places. As, first of all, they look terrific, and secondly, they are not messy. And, are suitable for the areas, that need to keep clean and dry.

Types of glass vases

Glass vases are available in many types with a drainage hole or without, colored, designer shapes, etc. You should choose according to your need and choice.

Now, when you have planned to have a succulent in a glass container. You must be familiar with issues that you may encounter, and you must also know the solutions to them.

Here are items that you will need at the time when you are moving your succulents in glass vases from nursery pots.

  • Succulents
  • Glass Bowl
  • Potting Soil mix
  • Garden Trowel
  • Decorative sand, pebbles, gravel, etc.
  • Small Spoon
  • Filtered Water
  • Mesh Tape (if required)
  • Craft paintbrush and other decoration items, as per liking

Equipped with your tools, now you can proceed to your first step of moving your newly brought succulents into glass vases.

Identify your vase requirement

Outdoor Succulents

Whenever you are planning to have a succulent inside your home or office. First, try to identify the spot where you are planning to put the succulents in glass vases.

Depending on that, you will be able to assess the size of the vases and their shape of it. If you are planning to put your glass pot on the center table. Then it could be a square or round bowl, etc. And if you are hoping to have that pot on a corner table, then you may look for tall vases also.

Similarly, you can also decide the color or texture of your vase, according to your requirements.

Choose the suitable succulent type

Succulents in glass vases are suitable for decoration in indoor places where we don’t want a messy atmosphere. Like it could be a place like the top of a wooden table, a decorative shelf, top of a fridge, etc.

Glass vases are suitable for containing succulents that could live with minimal water feed. If glass vases with drainage holes are in use, there would be a risk of water leakage on your furniture or potting place. On the other hand, if there is no drainage hole, then your succulent can drown in the water in case of overwatering.

As your succulent asks for less watering, you should take care they don’t sit in water. And also, you should have the arrangements at the potting place in case of water leakage.

Moving succulents in glass vases

First, you should put mesh tape on the drainage hole of your vase. As, in case of excess water, nutrients do not wash away.

Now, gently remove your succulents from nursery pots, which are said to retain more of them. Remove the dead leaves gently and put the succulent in the vase, and add potting soil of your choice.

You can make your soil mix at home instead of buying it from the store. Now, level the soil mix and decorate the topsoil layer with gravel and pebbles.

Choose an appropriate location for your succulents in glass vases

After filling with soil mix, you can add water to the vase. Make sure, the vase has a drainage hole so the excess water gets removed before moving to an indoor location.

In case of no drainage pot, add minimal water; so it could dry up soon. Now, you can place it at the location you want.

If you have multiple, you can arrange them in style, or design, or put them at different places of your choice.

Decor & care of succulents in glass vases

Moving your vase from one place to another might disturb the plant’s setting a bit or its décor. So, make sure, the roots of the succulents have not come above the soil. If, the soil has not dislodged to one side, level up the things if they have gone worse. And also, pull out the leaves of the succulent if they have got buried in it.

You can have some more décor with the vase as per your liking. Only make sure your succulents in glass vases have enough space to breathe.

You are known for a procedure to prepare your glass container for succulents. But, some small tips might help you perform this task better.

Extra tips:

  • Remove dead leaves from the succulents you are planting in a glass bowl. Also loosen up the roots, as if they are in their natural state.
  • When you are filling the vase with potting soil, be sure to keep it around 1 inch below the vase’s edge. As you have to place decorative stones, etc. later, also there should be some room for watering purposes.
  • Brush off the extra soil on the edge of the container or which is sticking to the inner side of it above the potting soil level. It will provide a cleaner look, especially after adding water to it.
  • Gently pat down the potting soil to have a flat surface. As you have to add a layer of decorative sand and pebbles to it.
  • Slowly put the decorative sand over the soil surface. You can use the spoon to pour the sand beside succulents and to level the sand surface.
  • Again you can brush off the extra sand from the edge of the glass bowl.
  • Lastly, add the filtered water to the soil and sand mix carefully. And, you can also pour some water on leaves to wash away soil and sand from their surface. It will help look your succulents brighter and cleaner.
  • Finally, you can use the paintbrush to show your creativity on a glass vase or also can use some decorative items to heighten its glamour of it. And you are ready with natural beauties to amplify your indoor aura to the next level.

Points to consider:

After transferring your succulent to a glass container, cautiously & successfully. You must be hoping to have a marvelous sight of green, blooming succulents in you indoors. Although succulents are more welcoming to neglecting behavior. Thriving succulents in glass vases need some look after and attention to detail.

  1. Prefer an open glass container to a closed one; it will allow proper aeration and make your succulents feel close to the natural environment.
  2. Succulents hate overwatering; their roots start to rot if they get exposed to excess moisture, so water rarely. And in the case of glass vases, excess water can be big trouble if your vase has a drainage hole; there will be a mess on the table. And if it doesn’t have it, then you might have a rotten succulent after some watering turns.
  3. Remember, different succulents have different water needs; always keep that in mind from the start, when you are buying your succulent to when you are taking care of it in your room. Also, keep in mind the climate conditions, as the same succulent can ask for different requirements outdoors.
  4. Succulents adapt to the indoor atmosphere, and, due to being an indoor variety, their sunlight needs are minimal. Prefer to give them the morning and evening sunlight, as it is less harsh on leaves and other parts of it.
  5. You can use artificial LED light around the vase to fulfill their remaining sunlight needs.


The above info must be helpful for succulent lovers who are planning to have an indoor décor of succulents in glass vases. As you will proceed through this blog and will apply its learning, you will come up with more methods and facts that we hope you will share at our portal later.