Artificial succulents or Fake succulents

Artificial succulents: A Beauty to Embrace.

Won’t you love to have the charisma of evergreen succulents at your home, but without doing the regular chores of watering and nourishing them? How about having a variety of good looking artificial succulents matching the interiors of your home perfectly?

Artificial succulents in pots

Artificial succulents are a blessing in disguise for all the lazy gardeners and frequent travelers who love long breaks. And, who are not there to care for their plants, but always wish to have their beautiful presence at their homes.

You must be wondering how come a nature-loving succulent portal is saying that artificial/faux succulents are beautiful and charming. Why they are not saying that real succulents are much better than fake ones. And one should always go for the real ones and never for the artificial.

Why to adopt artificial succulents?

This column will resolve the doubts in your mind about the artificial succulents because times have changed, and so has their feel and quality. Earlier artificial succulents were thick, one could feel their fakeness just by touching them. But, now technology has progressed, they are made more real, with real plastics and silk and other innovative materials. Leave aside the guests visiting your house getting an idea about them being fake. IYou also might forget that sometimes and start watering them like a real one.

A similar incident happened to a woman in the US a few times ago. As a friend has gifted her succulent, she took care of it like a real one watering for two years. She found out that it was faux when she took it out from the pot to replant it somewhere. However, this incident may sound hilarious but tells us how much the quality of artificial succulents has improved for providing the real feel.

However, there are some more reasons that we have found encouraging for adopting a faux one for our homes. Here, you will find a summary of those, which might help you to happily embrace an artificial one.

Cost-effective and less laborious.

Artificial succulents are relatively cheaper than real ones due to multiple reasons. Most of the time, buying a faux one is found cost-effective than real ones. Also, after that as real ones require constant attention and care. Which involves buying more resources, is not needed by the artificial ones. In a lifetime of real succulents, if you miss out on any need or something weird happens. And, your plant dies out, your whole investment in terms of money and time dies with it. While artificial succulents do not require pruning, watering, fertilizing, etc. a little dusting off now and then is sufficient.

Durable and long-lasting.

In comparison to real succulents, fake ones are quite robust. They can comfortably bear harsh weather, no care environment. In short, can handle all those careless actions that can make a plant go wither. Leaves and other parts of fake succulents are quite sturdy in comparison to real ones. This helps them to sustain rougher conditions. Also, homes these days have pets, which meddle up with plants, either destroying their existence or harming themselves. Artificial plants can also handle the filth created by them. As they have got no special needs, they stay alive and fresh for years. And, continue to brighten up your home’s aura to the fullest.

Variety of manufacturing materials for better feel and ambiance.

The quality of the material of fake succulents nowadays has improved immensely. Companies manufacture them to give people the best possible real look and feel, and for that variety of innovative materials are used. You can choose a faux succulent according to your liking, some like one made from a silk-like material, and some like it of soft plastic. Every material has got its charm and advantage. It allows consumers to choose an artificial plant that can rightly fit in their needs. And, are also compatible with their already flourishing home environment and stays to be their companion for a long time.

Artificial succulents

No watering and look after needs

Although succulents have got lesser watering needs than regular plants. But, then also watering has to be done and that too with some care. Artificial succulents have a positive foot ahead in this case, as they don’t require watering; they will stay the same forever, and they will never dry out. So, all the lazy gardeners who run away from regular watering tasks can also enjoy their company in their homes. Fake ones are also helpful for those who leave their houses for long trips and vacations, as real succulents do need watering, although, a bit late. So if you are gone for multiple weeks or months, the possibility is that you will have a dead succulent in your garden later. So, these vacation lovers should go for artificial succulents to enlighten their home’s mood.

Thumbs up to no sunlight

Every plant needs sunlight to thrive, although some indoor succulents need them pretty less, but still, it is required by them. That puts an extra burden on owners, to daily move them to sunlight in the day and bring them back to shade in the evening time to avoid them from frost and humid. Artificial succulents do not require sunlight, so they save the owners from this daily hassle, and also provide owners with the facility to put their plants wherever they want in their rooms. Dark and humid corners of your home like bathrooms, storerooms, study rooms, can now be brightened up with their vibrant presence.

Variety to match your home decor

Fake succulents come in wide shape and color variety, so there are options to have them according to your home ambiance. As with actual ones, you cannot have an outdoor garden variety in your rooms despite the fact you like its color and shape, but with artificial ones, it is possible to have that variety in your indoors. A lot of people want to decorate their homes with succulents that complement their architecture and interiors of home, as faux succulents can be chosen as per like and can also be customized, they are great for decoration of the place.

Can survive through all seasons & regions

Artificial succulents do not depend on the weather conditions, like the real ones. You do not have to worry about the frostbite and heatwave, nor need you to worry about the rainy season. Another thing which is common in homes is an air conditioner, which creates dryness in real succulents, but with faux ones, it is out of the question. People residing in different regions may face difficulty in raising real succulents due to climate conditions, but with artificial ones ineffective from it, they suit every area and climate.

Creates no mess (suitable for every part of the home)

As artificial ones do not need watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc. they are free from creating a mess, or we can say that you can put them anywhere in your home without any worries. Because of that, you can have the faux succulents on your dining table, bookshelves, counters, etc. Real succulents also come with the problem of drying out and falling of old leaves, which is not possible in fake ones.

The option of choosing from a variety of planters

As artificial succulents are not messy, do not require watering, etc. you can go for planter/containers which are not water friendly like wood. Although wooden pots look classy but are not suitable for planters as wood will rot in water, but with artificial ones, they become quite a fancy choice to spruce up your home’s decor.

Safe and kid-friendly

Artificial succulents are free from harmful secretions and spines that real ones possess, which makes them suitable to have indoors. You can be free from tension even if you have kids at home, with real succulents, this is not the case. You have to be careful that your kids and pets do not come in contact with harmful secretions and spikes of the plants. It may cause serious injury to them, and that discourages some people from having them in their homes. But, as faux succulents resolve this issue, they can also decorate their home with the vibrancy of succulents.


These and many other factors that are making the artificial succulents a trend in the current market. And with the diversity and charm they possess, now they can be seen in every nature lover’s home, sometimes as a standalone piece of beauty or with a mixed-up charisma of real ones.