Mermaid Tail Succulents- A unique variety

Bring Sea-Inspired Magic into Your Home with Rare Mermaid Tail Succulents.

Mermaid tail succulents

Do you know someone with an obsession with mermaids? There is something really magical about these captivating creatures, and we have surely heard numerous legends about them. But would you prefer to have one of them at your home? Probably not! Needless to say, you cannot have a mermaid at home, but you can definitely have Mermaid Tail succulents.

Who does not like mermaids in their home? There are plenty of things that captivate us by mermaids. Simply put, it is not difficult or you would not think twice when it comes to developing an obsession with them. They unleash magic and are stunningly beautiful. Not only are they carefree, but they are also elegant.

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But are you aware of the fact that they can bring immense charm to your home?

Mermaid tail succulents bring charm

If you have not heard of mermaid tail succulents, don’t fret. In this article, we will discuss how these enchanting succulents can bring ocean vibes into your home. These house plants seem perfect for all those people who remain busy throughout. And, are hardly able to take their care. They are low-maintenance plants whose thick and enlarged parts make it easier to adapt to life in parched areas.

The fact cannot be held for denial that gardeners and succulent aficionados are fond of the crested Senecio Vitalis for its structure. Mermaid tail succulents have a variety of nicknames, including:

  • Blue Chalked Fingers
  • The Whale’s Tail
  • Mermaid’s Tail

Regardless of what you call this plant, all it takes is one look at the crested Senecio Vitalis to make you feel that it has come right from a folk story. Crested is the main word in the name of this plant. When a succulent plant crowns, it does not produce branches or stems anymore. Instead, it compresses and abnormal growth begins to occur at the top of the plant. Which creates a structure that looks a lot like a mermaid’s tail.

If you like to go ahead with the ocean’s theme, you have the option of two colors. You can find these mesmerizing succulents in two colors: blue and green. One of the best things about them is that they will pop delightfully against a white wall.

How big can your mermaid tail succulents become?

Large mermaid tail succulents

Thinking how much space you will probably need to bring mermaid tail succulents into your living room? Well, these house plants are usually wider than tall and can easily reach up to two-foot-high. In fact, they can reach three to five-foot wide.

The mermaid plant (Senecio Vialis) belongs to the ‘Asteraceae family’ and springs from the east coast of South Africa. There is no question that succulents are a wonderful sub-species of plants. You can find a wide variety of bizarre colors, shapes, forms, and textures.

You will be glad to have mermaid tails succulent adorn your home. Because they are likely to be tougher compared to other plants. Also, they do not call for much maintenance and less water. That is because these plants are accustomed to living on limited water resources. Including mist and dew in ecological units with an inadequate supply of water.

One of the best things about these plants is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Also, it does not take time and effort to proliferate new plants from off-cuts. Succulent plants have gained tremendous popularity among people who understand their true importance. And, what it’s like bringing them into their home for the much-needed sea-inspired magic.

If plants and the ocean are what excite you deep inside. Then you may want to consider opting for a Mermaid’s Tail – a succulent plant also known as a Crested Senecio Vitalis (its technical name). There is something distinct about these house plants. It entirely depends on your perception of whether these exceptional plants look. Either like a mermaid’s tail or a whale’s tail, as it takes the plunge underneath the waves.

Why settle for mermaid tail succulents?

Growing them in garden

Of all the plant varieties, succulents are the ones that have known to be one of the most playful. Their spherical leaves often bear a resemblance to something except a plant. Right from dolphins and rabbits to hearts, succulents have amazed us with how their sprouts can appear. If you are someone with an extreme fondness for a succulent. You would not think twice when it comes to adding the “mermaid tail” variety to the plant family.

The genus comprises a cactus-like paddle with some thorny stalks on top of them. They do exceptionally well in sandy environments with a lighter shade. And, have the ability to endure long dry periods. It is not only easy to cultivate them, but they are also attractive. The complete width of the plant is like a tail of a mermaid, as they flawlessly expand with small extensions everywhere.

While all of us have the same opinion that taking care of house plants is not always easy. You will perceive that mermaid tail succulents perform a lot better than other plants. Wondering what sort of connection you can make between a succulent plant and the ocean? Well, the resemblance of these house plants is quite peculiar and you might even think of a whale tail when you catch a glimpse of these plants.

Mermaid tail succulents are known to add some remarkable shades to your white walls. This plant is part of the Senecio genus of flowering plants that are comprised of more than 1,000 species. These succulent plants can easily endure heat as well as drought, but they might not be able to survive cold weather.

Wrapping Up

You can find many photos on social media of all those individuals that express their joy about mermaid tail succulents. Most of them state that cultivating this plant is really easy and it adds to the charm and beauty of their home. The potted succulent plants can look good anywhere in your home: near your television, in your garden, or on your desk.