Succulent Christmas Tree | Decorating with Succulents

Succulent Christmas Tree or With Cactus Christmas Tree.

Are you looking to try something new and exciting with your Christmas decorations this festive season? Settle for no less than Succulent Christmas Tree. Being a celebratory occasion, who does not like taking sheer pleasure at Christmas? And if you have a weakness for house plants, there is a new Christmas trend that you will find irresistible as much as we do.

Succulent Christmas Trees

Get your hands on stunningly beautiful succulent Christmas tree.

When the Christmastime arrives, there is possibly nothing that can set the mood for a jovial season like placing a Xmas tree in your home. Regardless of whether you opt for an authentic tree or an artificial one fascinates you deep inside. Traditional Christmas trees offer you a wide variety of evergreen, including fir, spruce, or pine tree. However, it is not mandatory that your Christmas tree has to be evergreen with a cone shape. This festive season, why not think about expanding with an amazing Succulent Christmas Tree?

Why Should You Choose a Succulent Christmas Tree or Cactus Christmas tree?

cactus christmas tree

A Succulent Christmas Tree will bestow you with a plethora of great advantages. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, it is an ideal option for tight spaces. If you are a nature lover and do your bit to lower the impact on the environment, don’t you think a well-maintained house plant (obviously, a succulent!) will stick around for numerous festive seasons to come? However, you may have to get rid of a fresh-cut evergreen come January.

Constructed of around 25-50 succulents on each tree and at 13 inches tall, these house plants are a great way to adorn your house. If truth be told, it will breathe life into your love of plants during the joyous season. Depending on your preference for succulents, you can take your pick from the Aurora Succulent Tree and the Alpine Succulent Tree.

Both the trees have their own significance and are charming. In addition, they even come with a Christmas star on the top. No matter how hard you try, you may have a hard time getting enough of them, even with top-notch reviews across the board.

Have you any idea what’s so incredible about these green celebratory pieces? Once the succulents outgrow the tree, you can easily report them and carry on taking advantage of them all year round. If you are looking to go full-on succulent on this festive season, you can opt for wreaths embellished with Sedum, Echeveria, and Haworthia.

Who Says You Have to Beautify with Pine, Holly, And Mistletoe?

You can even experiment with a succulent Christmas tree taking different adornments and decorations. Succulents are extremely versatile house plants that you can have them used in a number of decorating ways. These plants have gained tremendous popularity among those who understand their importance in their lives. What can be better than enjoying the Christmas decorations with succulents?

Building a succulent Christmas Tree

When it comes to building a succulent Christmas tree, how about using around 100 succulents of different sizes so you can have a final product – something you are going to immense delight in this Christmas – an incredibly crafted product that’s 14 inches high and 7 inches in diameter? What you will get is unparalleled in every sense of the word. And creating a rich, visually appealing texture is what you have in mind, consider using 4 or more various succulent varieties. Colours like red and deep purple will add to its endless charm and beauty.

DIY Succulents Christmas Decorations.

You would rather be spoilt for choice as succulents come with a multitude of colours. That’s probably the biggest advantage of using succulents as a Christmas tree.

What do you need for a Succulent Christmas tree?

Following are the items you need for a fabulous succulent Christmas tree.

  • A fine blend of succulents in different sizes
  • Bucket
  • Scissors
  • Planter
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Cone frame
  • Moss for filling the frame
  • Fabric for covering the frame
  • Succulent potting mix

Steps to build a Succulent Christmas tree

Succulent Christmas Trees

Here’s a list of some useful tips that can help you create a Succulent Christmas Tree:

  • To begin with, consider filling the bucket with water and place the moss. Ensure that all the moss is damp.
  • Take some fabric to cover the cone frame. Doing will allow the body of the tree to be shaped. Make sure it is completely covered.
  • Now add the moss inside of the cone framed fabric. Put the frame into a container for plants.
  • Plant succulents (big sized) into the corners of the pot. Backfill it with succulent potting mixture. This way, it will cover the bottom. Ensure that you make a small cut in the fabric and place in a few succulents (small or medium) till the frame is covered.
  • Stuff the small gaps in between the succulents with a small size.
  • Now you can embellish your small Christmas decorations as per your preferences.

Miniature Succulent Gardens – A Perfect Gift this Christmas for Your Loved Ones!

Miniature Succulent Gardens

How about taking your plant-loving friend aback with a tiny garden laden with succulents and miniatures this Christmas? They would be at a loss for words for receiving such a captivating Christmas gift. Don’t succulent Christmas tree make for a cool, perfect gift allowing your known ones to enjoy the festival to the core? Yes indeed!

These miniature gardens don’t require extensive care and maintenance. In fact, they do exceptionally well in small containers and pots. If there is no large root ball, don’t fret. You can still have them potted up in containers near to the ground.

But don’t disregard the fact that succulents thrive well when placed in the sun. So make sure you place your mini garden on a sunlit window ledge. If you want, you can even transform the Christmas beautifications into your permanent house plants when you are done with the festive season. Colours and textures of succulents not only make them intriguing houseplants but great specimens for containers as well.

Wrapping Up

Succulents have become a lot more than those attractive plants sit on tables as well as desks. With all of the delightful options available, they truly have become a favourite home décor. If you are looking for something beautiful for your Christmas decorations, you will definitely want to get a hold of Succulent Christmas Tree.