Soil pH Test Kit | Moisture Test | PentaBeauty | Review

PentaBeauty Soil pH Test Kit for Gardening lovers

Garden lovers care for their plants like their babies, from planting them in the soil to seeing them bloom up with vibrant blossoms. That’s why there is need to regularly check soil quality at home by soil ph test kit. And, this is why they prefer to have a better soil bed prepared for them for sustainable growth, and for that, it’s essential to know about the soil quality and type.

Soil quality check is compulsory in regular intervals in between also, to assess the changes happening and requirements arising in the garden. Soil moisture and pH tester is a useful apparatus to figure out the water and fertilizer needs of the soil.

Experts at ‘PentaBeauty’ have come up with a useful product for soil testing; it is an essential item for all home gardeners.

Why the need of PentaBeauty Soil pH Test Kit with moisture check facility?

soil ph test kit
  • This soil ph test kit is useful in detecting moisture content, based on which gardeners can figure out, which plant type to prefer, and this kit also helps them later in deciding the watering intervals.
  • It is essential to assess and control the pH value of the soil to improve the growth and quality of plants. Its pH meter helps you assess the pH value and the fertilizing need depending on it.
  • The light detector is in-built in the meter; it helps you know the amount of light you plant is getting and deciding the perfect location for them.

Above are the vital functions that this meter does, but if we talk about the features of this product that make it better than others.

Major Features PentaBeauty Soil pH and Moisture Test Kit:

The data gathering method and report generation of this soil ph test kit are science-backed, which makes it suitable to use for indoor and outdoor gardens, and vegetable and rice farms. Some consumers prefer it for their greenhouses as well.

  • This three-in-one moisture, pH, and light meter give quick and reliable results saving your time; its pH and moisture meter comes with three scale testing criteria: red, green, and blue.
  • Two quality needles to test the soil quality are sensitive to soil conditions, and they give accurate data according to scientific values, for you can make a better decision for your plant’s bright future.
  • This soil ph test kit is quick and easy to operate; you only have to insert the needles of the meter into the soil and have to wait for 10 seconds to give back the reliable data.
  • Because of the size of just 8.25 inches and light-weight, it is pretty easy to carry in hands. You can use it for your home garden and outdoor places too.
  • It does not require batteries for operation, as it reads the accurate value with the help of electrodes.
  • It is made from quality components, to give précised results in quick time. Also, its quality parts assure consumers of long-lasting device operation.

Precautionary Measures:

As more and more consumers are using this device, some precautionary measures and flaws are coming to knowledge.

  • This soil ph test kit is suitable only for soil testing; inserting it in any liquid may damage it.
  • Its probes are quite sensitive, so do not push them hard in soil or for a long time; it may also destroy its reliability.
  • Its light meter is suitable for sunlight, but some users have reviewed that it is not that accurate for the growth lamps.

But, seeing the popularity and uncountable positive reviews of this product, it is a must-have item for every garden.