Succulent Tablescape- A complete decor guide

Succulents are the best choice for your miniature garden, they are stunning eco gifts and are beautiful room or outdoor décor items. Creating classy and pretty succulent tablescape and with tiny species that are simple to take care of, gives versatile look to your home. 

It is an assortment of unique centerpiece designs that use succulents. These décor ideas are an inspiration for switching to green decorations and centerpieces for your home or office or any space. These tiny plants are also called fat plants. They do not require a lot of water and are water retaining, so they can survive well in dry conditions and are beautiful to place anywhere.

Succulent tablescape & centerpieces

Succulent tablescape and centerpieces look very elegant and stunning and add a new look to your home. These plants come in several colors and textures that go well with any décor and increase its worthiness. They are class and very impressive. Succulents are the best for decent table decors and centerpieces to emphasize your room or outdoor garden.

Bloomy succulents’ decors will never go out of style for your tables, and there is a new trend of decorating centerpieces with these plants. These plants are preferred because they do not require a lot of care and bloom even with a little love. Yet, they might not be noticeable quite often. But when you use a succulent tablescape setting, these plants attract quite a lot of attention.

The occasion:

You can collect a few succulents from your garden or a nearby nursery and place them on your table for a bash or party. They are easy to style and can go with anything. Also, not being very difficult, they make a perfect succulent tablescape and are a perfect choice for all kinds of parties and events. 

From large-scale weddings to small in-house events, succulents go for everything and give a stunning look and appearance. Here are a few tips on how you can decorate your tables using these lovely succulents and create a lasting impression on your visitors. 

Ways to decorate your succulent tablescape

Dispersing the containers 

Instead of creating a design or pattern, you can disperse them in the way you like. They look stunning even if kept in a scattering manner. Just ensure that you plant the succulents in the same style and, the containers have the same color. Light shades of pink go well with wedding parties or dinner parties in spring. Terracotta pots are widely used and can suit any occasion. 

Succulent Runners 

You can create a succulent table runner with moss or eucalyptus branches and make your dining look stunning. For a table runner, you will have to use cuttings and not flowerpots. Ensure that your succulents have been well cut and do not have any roots. These runners can last for a few months before they die, so do not throw them off immediately after using them.

Huge centerpieces 

The previous examples go well for long tables and those that are rectangular. Centerpieces look best of round or square tables as they occupy less space and still look well managed. Here are some ideas to create decent large succulent centerpiece for your table. 

You can use an old vintage box or wooden box for creating your centerpiece. Terrariums of brass and glass are preferable as they are reusable and can easily fit into any style in your house. 

You can also use candles around these succulents to give a lovely look. Especially in the evening hours and for dinner, you can club it with succulents to make it a more impressive home décor idea.

Lastly, combining a succulent with eucalyptus branches. Place these branches around succulents. Add to the combination by placing candles in clear glasses to give a more aromatic feel.

Extra tips:

The best part about using eucalyptus branches is that they dry out in the pattern they have been arranged and leave behind a stunning silvery tone. Taking benefit of it, you can use it in your space, make an arrangement and place this on your beautiful large succulent centerpiece. Ensure that fresh branches dry out before you arrange them to give them a definite look.

Decorate according to the season

Succulent tablescape arrangements are usable at any time of the year. And each decoration can be done according to the time and season using different colors. Be it Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You can create them at any hour.

All you need to know is the techniques and tips to make it look perfect for your visitors. Use a blend of pastel colors or bright colors as per your choice to make your succulent tablescape look appealing and classy. 

For tips to make succulent tablescape centerpieces check this video at:

It will give ideas and help you make a unique design that looks creative and attractive. 

Varieties that you can use in succulent tablescape

Succulents are versatile plants that come in several shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and types. Select the best plant for your succulent tablescape is vital for the overall appearance. Not all the succulents look fabulous and survive well in tablescapes, so it is essential to choose the adequate one. 

People preferably use miniature ones for succulent tablescape, as these tiny plants make a great impression on your space and the mood. Some of the succulents you can use our Jade plant, Mother of Pearl Plant, Miniature Pine trees, Ponytail Palm, Moonstones, Paddle Plant, and Maltese Cross. 

succulent tablescape varieties

You can also use thorny succulents like aloe vera and cactus but avoid using them for a children’s party or placing them in places where they can cause injury. A combination of these succulents looks the best and gives a unique look by adding a lot of class and elegance to your living space. 

Tips to make a succulent tablescape 

How to make them?

First, you can choose an old-style designing idea like a cactus or any succulent that can survive and grow in rocks and does not need a lot of moisture. Just ensure not to use thorny succulents for dinner tables or kids’ parties as it might hurt your guests.

Second, you can also choose succulent cutting that does not have roots. Cuttings are a better choice and survive for few months as well. All they need is ample light and do not require soil in their containers. They look gorgeous in pack containers and look the best when kept in between rocks and pebbles. 

Beautiful combinations for your succulent tablescape

succulent tablescape combinations

A barrel cactus and bright haworthia look great together in white containers or clear glass. Black and white striped porcupine quills combining with the amethyst and purple agate are best in green and white pots. You can also use purple agate and amethyst with mixed tillandsia. Place pebbles at the bottom for drainage, and top it with some white aquarium pebble.

Placing rest of the table accessories

Succulents look great with any type or style of glassware and give it an elegant and different look. You can use copper or white plates and glasses for the best look. If the arrangement is well, the color combinations can make your succulent tablescape stand out from the rest. The blend of textures, shades, and colors can make your table look like a beautiful piece of art.

Tips to care for succulent tablescape 

Succulents grow well in containers that have holes in the bottom for proper drainage. The miniature plants do not like damp soil and specifically need a soil mix that prevents waterlogging. 

When these succulents grow, you can make cuttings out of them and design your succulent tablescape accordingly. It is an eco-friendly way of designing your home and helps to save your time and money.

There are several reasons why people love succulents. They are beautiful and have beautiful shapes and variety in colors and shades. You can place these succulents in endless ways, may it be indoor or outdoor. They look best on the table and create a different look altogether. 

You can place them anywhere to look stunning!

And you also can create something new with them each time because of their hardiness. There are several ways to design your succulent tablescape. But here are a few décor suggestions that will make your work easier.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have enough knowledge about succulent tablescape, you can happily create one of your liking and design. Making these creative décor items is easy and does not consume a lot of time. You can easily make them and save money instead of investing in expensive showpieces. 

To know more about such creative ideas and your succulent you can also check the other blogs. They will give you better confidence to perform your tasks and accomplish them with success! Use these ideas in your home or office today to make a remarkable impression on your guests.