Succulent Terrariums: A must-have decor item

Succulent terrariums are an innovative method to create a charming mini garden in a closed space. It looks like a tiny forest in glasses and gives your home a fresh look. They look stunning both indoor and outdoor making them the best houseplants.

Making terrariums is a fun activity that anybody can enjoy doing, and one can come up with creative succulent terrariums for home. Planting succulents in terrariums gives the plants comfortable surroundings in which they can happily thrive.  

The terrariums are called glass gardens and give you the privilege to design and renovate your garden with tiny succulents and other attractive elements within a glass enclosure. The beautiful Terrariums have a classy and elegant look to your home or workplace and last for a long time if you take proper care. They are usually cost-efficient and do not require lot of maintenance and attention.

Succulent terrariums

Succulent terrariums look different and stunning in any corner of the house or office. They give a new look to your space and have a pleasant aura. Despite being low maintenance and easy to care for, succulent terrariums require occasional care to keep looking gorgeous.

Here are a few tips to help you understand how to make succulent terrariums and make them more creative. 

Information about succulent terrariums

Terrariums are one of the most popular indoor garden décor ideas for ages. Succulents are plants that love to thrive in arid and dry conditions with minimum water. These plants do not require much care but love the right amount of water occasionally. They are beautiful and have an elegant look to your space catching attention. Also, creating succulent terrariums does not consume a lot of time, energy, or money.

It is pocket-friendly and can be made even with worn-out materials, and still look good. You can use old food jars or look for a unique dish or clear glass container. Then you can add a little touch of decorative items to the terrarium, the only thing you should have is raw material for succulent terrariums. You can design it the way you like to and make your garden look beautiful. Succulents grow well in almost any kind of environment. And pack containers are the best because they do not let extra moisture enter the soil that is the best for succulent growth.

Making Succulent Terrariums

Succulents are best for terrariums as they thrive pretty slowly, but the concentration that forms can kill you succulent and damage them. Planting succulents is tricky and demanding in succulent terrariums but, can be done with little expertise.

Decorate the base of the container with small rocks or gravels. On this layer, a tiny layer of charcoal works well. It helps in absorbing odor and contaminants that might be in the water. Then put sphagnum moss and cactus soil to give a final touch on your terrarium.

Making succulent terrariums

Plant the little succulents in the cactus soil and sand around them to give support. With the help of a stick or toothpick, create holes in the soil around the plant. Keep sufficient space between each plant to allow adequate airflow. The plant might also require a stick or external support for the first few weeks to help in root formation.

Now you can decorate the succulent terrariums according to your choice, if you want a beach theme, add sand and seashells. And for giving it a desert look, put in some rocks to look dry arid. There are plenty of endless sources of items that will boost the ordinary look of the terrarium. Some gardeners also add ceramic items to give it make it more elegant. Ensure that you put entirely dry items in your container to avoid any infection.

Taking care of Succulent Terrariums

Keep the terrarium in a highly lit area but prevent direct sun that can sunburn the plants from inside. A place near the fan and is airy is suitable, as it will enhance airflow and help stop damping off. Succulents do not like overwatering, and if you give additional moisture, they will surely perish. Your garden will not require water very often but rarely. Wait for the soil to dry out completely before you water the succulent again.

Use tap water or purified water to get the best results. Succulent terrariums ask for similar care as succulents in any container, they do not need a lot of efforts to thrive but require fertilization once a year. As time goes by, the succulents will fill the entire terrarium and make it look beautiful and lovely.

Common mistakes to avoid while preparing succulent terrariums

Preparing Succulent terrariums- Common mistakes

Too Much Sunlight

Almost all plants and succulents that grow well in terrariums do not need enormous bright light. If kept in direct sun, terrarium glass can also act as a magnifier and sunburn the succulents. The heat inside the terrarium can increase rapidly, and even before you realize it, the glass can become humid. Even if succulents love warmth, they do not require extra heat. So it’s better to keep succulent terrariums away from direct sun.

Too less light

Too much light is terrible for your succulent. In the same way, less light can cause damage. If your terrarium is not getting sufficient sunlight, you can use grow lights that are available online. You can also place the succulent terrariums near a bright window that gets enough but indirect sunlight.

Keeping it near heat sources

Extra heat can cause a lot of damage to your succulent, like sunburn. Placing your terrarium close to heat sources or close to a radiator will kill your succulent.

Dense Plants

Do not let the plants in your succulent terrariums get leggy and long. It will help view separate plants to admire individuality and the other decorative articles inside the terrarium. Keep your terrarium plants clean and neat by trimming them when they overgrow and crowd the terrarium. You can also clip their roots to keep them tiny.

Ignoring dead parts 

If your succulent terrariums look pale and dry, then they are perishing and not thriving. Immediately resolve the plant’s issues as it can spread and infect other healthy plants.

Use a tiny shovel, terrarium tool, sticks, or spoon to eliminate the succulent, and be careful that you do not disturb the healthy roots. Exchange the plant with a similar succulent that has the same moisture and light necessities. Ensure to cover the succulents root with soil and leave no air pockets.

Unclean Glass

Clean your succulent terrariums glass inside out every once in a while. If your glass is not clean and foggy, it will block the sunlight from reaching your succulent. The dirty glass will make it difficult for the sunlight to reach out to your plant. Use a fine cloth or a wet newspaper to clean the glass. Also, make sure you do not use chemical-based cleaning products to clean the inside of your glass. It can damage your succulents.

Extra water

Over-watering succulent terrariums is quite common. To prevent this, you can use a spray bottle to moisten your plant instead of a watering can. If you have accidentally given extra water, use a paper towel to absorb the additional moisture. Do not water your terrarium until it completely dries out.

Using too much fertilizer

Most of the terrariums do not require fertilizing. Your terrarium plants look good when they are small and have minute growth, so do not feed them too much, or they will outgrow and extend.

Planting the wrong succulents

It is possible to grow anything in succulent terrariums, yet it is essential to select the correct plants that will flourish in the kind of container you are creating. For closed terrariums, select plants that can sustain in moist environments. And ensure that you combine succulents that have similar light requirements.

Planting Succulents in Closed Terrariums

Succulents usually flourish in extreme light and dry environments. Planting succulents in closed environments give it enough space for humidity. And they might not thrive in such enclosures always. To solve this issue, you can use an open dish or open jar for sufficient airflow. Even larger containers can be humid so ensure that the roots of your succulents are getting enough airflow. It is vital and, air circulation is necessary around the succulents.

For more information about succulent terrariums, you can take reference of this video:

It has unique ideas to create beautiful succulents for your garden and home. Now that you know a lot about succulent terrariums, you can create these gorgeous pieces of your own and place them in any area as decorative items. Feel confident and plant them to renovate your garden into a new and attractive place.